Saturday, September 29, 2012

Peanut Bird ~ A Favorite Thing

When I first discovered Claudia's fun link party at Mockingbird Hill Cottage, I knew I'd have to participate! It's a place to share a favorite something each week, and to visit others and discover their favorite things. I love this idea, and plan to link up each Saturday.

So, on to one of my favorite things!!

Hello! Do you know who I am?

I'm Peanut Bird!

The world famous Keeper of the Peanuts!

Whenever my father-in-law wanted peanuts, he would head to Peanut Bird. Now Peanut Bird always sat around quietly waiting for his big chance when Jim would open the pantry and bring him out. I always thought that Peanut Bird was such a cute Keeper of the Peanuts and, when it came time to go through the things in my in-law's home, I made sure that Peanut Bird came home to live with hubby and me!

After a number of years of peanut duty at our house, Peanut Bird resided in the hutch and did not serve us peanuts anymore. Then one day recently, hubby brought home a bag of peanuts and I remembered Peanut Bird..... patiently waiting to be filled with peanuts again.

So now he is sitting on the baker's rack in the kitchen, beside the special jar I use for fruit and nut trail mix, holding peanuts. And reminding me of my wonderful father-in-law who made eating peanuts fun!

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Look what I found by the curb!!

Every now and then I'll spot something that someone has thrown out 
and think to myself that I just NEED it....
 I know you have too, so fess up!!

So why is it that I feel like a thief -- a thief that EVERYONE has their eyes on -- as I skulk around, trying to act nonchalant.  I mean, they did throw it away, after all. 

But that thief feeling persists and so it's got to be a really great thing for me to do a stop and grab with what I KNOW are many eyes peering from behind the curtains, watching me.....
I can tell you this -- I will never dumpster dive!!

When I saw this chair, I knew it would be perfect for photos but it was on my street and I felt kind of embarrassed to stop. So I passed on by, got to my house and reasoned that I didn't know the people who threw the chair out .... so I went back. Now all those eyes were on me, for sure! 

Got out of the car and -- oh no! -- no seat in the chair 

and it was a bad paint job of white over blue! But I HAD to get it now since I had totally made a spectacle of myself. And, of course, I had a bit of trouble juggling it into the back seat! Glory be, I finally got it in and turned the car around and went back home. 

Oh, my cheeks were burning!

But it's a cute chair even with the bad paint job. 
And it will be great for vintage photos.

I decided to leave it as is with the blue showing through, but I think I'll have to fashion something for a seat. 

The afghan kept trying to fall through!!
(this is an afghan I made and listed (and sold!) in Magnolia Surprise, my handmade shop)

OK, it fess up time -- what have you picked up on the side of the road?

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Rita Hayworth ~~ Stayin' Alive!

Bet you're wondering about that title, aren't you?!!

Well, my brother sends me all kinds of crazy stuff and when I saw this I knew I would have to post it!

It's a compilation of Rita's movie dance sequences set to the music of the song "Stayin' Alive" by the Bee Gees
Fabulously done and so fun to watch!

It will make you smile .... guaranteed!

Plus she dances with my absolute, hands down, favorite dancers of all time --
Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire!

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