Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Lovable Furry Old Grover ~ Remember When

Were your kids -- or you for that matter -- a fan of Sesame Street? We were! We watched it during the 80s -- my kids loved it! (and my little secret was that I loved it too!)

Our own Grover, who still makes me smile

from Wikipedia

Our favorites were Grover and Mr. Snuffleupagus (oh my did we love that furry elephant-looking guy -- but, of course, he was a Snuffleupagus, not a furry elephant! )

From our book, Sesame Street Bedtime Stories

We were fans during the days of Cookie Monster, Bert and Ernie, Oscar, Big Bird and of course, Grover and Mr. Snuffleupagus. (Way before talking Elmo!) A great low-key show for kids, and interesting enough for mom and dad!

My son had a stuffed Grover and now he lives here in my office.... that would be Grover, not my son.... LOL! Grover is up on a high shelf and keeps his eyes on whatever is going on in here -- Etsy stuff mostly, and Noli sleepovers, and Oliver lounging in my computer chair.

My daughter had a Baby Big Bird and a Baby Cookie Monster -- I think they were marketed by Pampers diapers -- in any case they were wearing some kind of diaper. Cute though. She has kept them all these years (she just turned 31), just like I have kept sweet sweet Grover.

We only had two Sesame Street books over the years... Bedtime Stories and Grover's Resting Places. Both are about ready to fall apart!

Grover's Resting Places is especially cute.... he has shapes in his toy box that just fit some part of a kid's body....  Adam (now 34) loved putting his ear or his hands on Grover's spots (his resting places).

He really giggled when Grover found the belly button spot!

And, cleverly, there was a Grover resting place, and Adam could find his own resting place, and then it was time for sleep! Very smart, pro-parent ending! wink wink  ;)

I have listed the Bedtime Stories book in my Etsy shop -- it's well-loved but then what kid cares about condition! It also has wonderful graphics and would be great for many paper crafting projects!

Now, Grover's Resting Places.... I might have to hang onto that one for a while! And Grover himself will continue to look down from his perch and make me smile :)

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Monday, September 8, 2014

The Glitz and Glitter of Cobalt Blue

Whew! Good grief, I did it again! Waaay too much time between posts -- I'll see if I can do better in the future!

Last week I made a treasury for one of the Etsy teams I'm on and I wanted to share it here for Blue Monday -- 'cause it's full of beautiful blues! Cobalt blue is one of my favorite shades of blue -- it's so elegant!

If you'd like to see the actual treasury, and then be able to visit some of these awesome shops, just click on the treasury picture and you'll be whisked away to cobalt heaven! And, of course, you'll see everything much more up close and personal!

~ sharing these gorgeous blues on Blue Monday