Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kitchen Gadget or Tool of Destruction? Mwahahahaha

Doesn't this look vicious? Like maybe it would be good to keep under your pillow at night .... just in case ....

Well, it is but a lowly meat tenderizer and not a tool of destruction and mayhem ....

I remember my mother using the edge of a plate to tenderize meat -- bang, bang, bang across, then bang, bang, bang the other direction. Made a little cross hatch design in the round steak!! Add some flour and bang, bang, bang again.

So, of course, when I grew up and tenderized my own round steaks, I used the plate method too!

But then I came across this -- and now I'm a bit scared to put it in my kitchen ....

Afraid that it might tenderize more than the round steak ....

(have I got you wondering just what kind of a cook I am?)
(or am I of the Lizzie Borden variety?)

: D

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Trivets, Trivets, Trivets!

I came across this little cutie at an estate sale I went to last weekend and just had to pick it up. There were a couple more, though in worse condition, but I still wish I had gone ahead and gotten them. Ah, well.....

I love the folk art look, especially the birds -- and it appeals to my sense of symmetry! Not to mention, of course, the blue/green color combo. I especially love it that the cast iron part is *gasp* turquoise!

I have a collection of sorts of trivets --this is the wall where I have some that I just display. I had to get far back and use the zoom on my camera or else there would be too much glare -- there's a mirror over the sink which is to the left, and a skylight in the middle of the ceiling.

The brass trivets are some that my brother brought to my mother when he was in the Navy and stationed in Bahrain in the Persian Gulf, way back when in the early 60s. I've always liked them, and knowing that, my mother gave me two of them when I moved from home. Years later she gave me the other two!

Though not a trivet ; )  this magnolia watercolor is one of my most precious belongings. My aunt (who was like a second mother) painted it and gave it to me. My mother's Roseville pottery and this painting started on the road of magnolia love. 

This black cast iron one is called "Tree of Life" and was given to me by a dear friend from my high school and beyond days. It resides to the side of the kitchen sink and reflects back to me in that mirror! Then, lo and behold, my daughter found another one and thought I would like to have a pair! (I did!) I enjoy using these two, plus they have memories attached of a couple of sweet gifts!

These straw ones get used a lot too -- they belonged to my mother-in-law and I'm pleased as punch to have them! I do believe that they have a bit of blue on them too!

And, last but certainly not least, this is the one I keep on my counter and use daily. It's a new one with no attached memories, except that I bought it several years ago at Target!! But it's cast iron heavy and is an ample size for hot pots and casserole dishes! Plus, I really like the scroll design. Can you see the fleur-de-lis and the hearts?

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