Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Treasury Tuesday! (On Wednesday!)

Time for another Treasury Tuesday!

Yeah, I know it's Wednesday -- but I was silent yesterday....

So for today....
Get ready for your New Year's Eve parties with these vintage finds from the Etsy Vintage Team! You'll have a rockin' good time!

You can go to the original treasury by clicking on the title -- I'd love for you to leave a comment! You can also visit each shop by clicking on the shop pic.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Day of Remembrance

I hugged my 6 year old granddaughter especially long and hard
in remembrance of these beautiful children

If you would like, donations can be sent to 


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Special Santas ~ Favorite Things

I have lots of Santas to be displayed at Christmastime, but two are very special ones.  They both belonged to a very dear aunt and I am so glad that I have them today.

 I remember this roly-poly one on display in her home every Christmas. She painted it and I remember asking why the fur on his hat was black. She said it was so that you could see it since it was right next to his beard. I guess that satisfied me, but when Noli asked the same thing she insisted that it should be white and "of course you can tell his beard from his hat!" Can you believe it -- some 50ish years later, she asks the same question!

As you can see, he has a very round tummy! He's heavy so I guess he must eat a lot of Christmas cookies! He's made of a solid plaster -- I imagine my aunt painted him back in the 40s or 50s. She would spiff him up and repaint where necessary every few years but I have left him as he was when she gave him to me. I don't want to paint over her art!

I was thrilled when she gave him to me after I had married! She knew how precious he was to me and now he brings back lovely memories of my aunt.

This Santa, on the other hand, has been on a diet so he's not so chubby. The same aunt painted him in the 60s or early 70s and gave him to me sometime in the 80s.  At first I wasn't so wild about him but, over the years, have grown to love him. Sometimes I put Christmas cards in his bag, but lately I've let him hold some poinsettias.

He has sparkly glitter on his fur, and I love his blue eyes and cute bald head! Oh yeah, questions from Noli on the bald head too!!

Now I need to get these two guys put up in their rightful Christmas places. I kind of stopped on the decorating after Noli put the ornaments on the tree!

She decided that those yellow ornaments (another favorite thing by the way) should all be clumped together and there was nothing I could say that would change her mind! We ended up with a big area with nothing, not an ornament in sight, and those yellow ones all clumped together -- that girl can really decorate a tree! LOL! (Not to mention that red bead garland -- her idea of draping and mine are two different things!)

I don't care -- I'm just thrilled that this has become our little tradition each year. Doesn't matter that the tree isn't perfect! Because Noli is.

The yellow ornaments were made as a Christmas gift by my sister-in-law for her mother -- her house at that time was decorated in yellow and green. So Jan made six yellow and six green ornaments. After my mother-in-law's death, Jan asked me if I would like to have a set -- of course I did! -- and chose the yellow ones.

Aren't they beautiful? She wrapped styrofoam balls with ribbon and created the design with gold rick rack, gold sequins and pearl pins. I love them!

..... but I'd prefer them to be spaced out a bit on the tree.....  

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Treasury Tuesday

I am on several vintage teams on Etsy and as a part of being a team member, we are asked to make treasuries which promote the items of other team members.

Well, being the procrastinator that I am, I tend to put off making treasuries until the last minute (today is the 27th after all)!! So I decided that I needed a bit of an incentive to get my rear end in gear!

Thus, Tuesdays will be my treasury day -- not just for my vintage teams, mind you, but also for teams I'm on for my crochet shop, Magnolia Surprise. The idea is to post on Tuesdays about a treasury that I have made, and that will (I hope) make me accountable to make those treasuries!

Plus it will give some promotion to others! An even better reason, don't you think?!

Today's treasury is Everything's Merry and Bright and is made up of fellow teamies on the Etsy Vintage Team. To be on this team, you must be certified as selling only true vintage items, over 20 years old. I had a lot of fun making this one -- vintage elves, Santas, glitzy ornaments and sweet decor, that's what decorating in a vintage style is all about!

I'd love for you to click on the title and go over to the original treasury where you can leave a comment if you'd like! You can also check out the items and shops from there, or from here by clicking on each photo.

I hope you'll check back on Tuesdays, both here and at my Magnolia Surprise blog, to see some awesome (if I do say so myself!) treasuries!


Saturday, November 10, 2012

My Mother's Powder Box ~ A Favorite Thing

My mother's powder box.... 

Oh how I remember dancing to its music
round and round
in her bedroom

I had a doll that was just about as big as me and we would twirl and sing all around her room. I can see that doll so clearly -- she had brown hair like me, and a beautiful blue dress that my mother made for her. It had ruffles and little pink flowers around the bottom edge. Puffy sleeves. 
No doubt she made a dress just like it for me.

The music is a bit slow and crackly now, but I still love to hear it. I don't know the tune but I can hear it in my head even without winding up the music box.

It was a powder box and my mother kept her face powder in it. 
There's still a pink blush inside where her powder puff tinted the bottom. 

I don't care that the metal doesn't shine anymore, or that the paint on the feet knobs has cracked, or that the music doesn't sound so lovely now. It stays on my dresser and reminds me of my mother, 
and the little girl who twirled round and round with her doll.

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Minnie, Freddy and Friends ~ A Favorite Thing

Every Halloween back when my kids were young, I would make their costumes for trick or treating. I started off with those cut 'em out and sew 'em together printed designs and gradually got more elaborate as time went on and they got older. Sometimes I sewed them from a pattern, sometimes we put together thrift shop finds, a couple of times they were jammies!

There was a clown and Superman -- my daughter (Stephanie) was propped against the couch since she couldn't quite stand up on her own! My son (Adam) was very proud of his Superman rain boots! Superman appeared at our house until his suit was halfway up his legs -- those jammies got quite a workout!

Then a pumpkin and a robot -- I loved those printed designs!!  Note the superman boots are now robot boots....

They loved their matching glow-in-the-dark skeletons -- and were so excited about their bone necklaces which glowed too! I made matching caps out of a Halloween fabric to top them off. The best part was that they wore those skeleton jammies and could glow at will, with a lot of giggles included!

Do you remember Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street? I saw that movie (on VHS tape thank goodness.... I wouldn't have survived a real movie in the theater!) and it scared the living daylights out of me! Anyway, a number of years later when they had sequels, Adam wanted to be Freddy Krueger (no, he did NOT see any of the movies, at least not until he was grown up enough and watched what he wanted to!)

Anyway, I could not deter him, so we found a Freddy Krueger hand with the blades, a red and black sweater at a thrift shop, and got gooey stuff to be the burns on his face. Yuck! But I must admit, Adam was the cutest Freddy Krueger around! (But I told him he was scary and creepy....)

Stephanie was Minnie Mouse -- I can tell you that I will NEVER sew fur again!! And the gloves and yellow shoes! That was quite a costume to sew! But it did make the rounds of her friends and three of them wore it over the years! After a while I sold it in a garage sale so I'm betting that some other little girls got to be Minnie for Halloween!

Later on came Dracula (note the teeth and the pointy hair) -- Stephanie was a princess that year, dressed in shiny pink with big silver rick-rack and a tall princess hat, but I couldn't find a picture. I saved that cape and Adam has it now -- it would be a bit short on him now but he'll probably find some way to wear it!

Now that my costume creating days are over, I display some pictures around Halloween to remember some of those fun costumes! (I have passed on my Halloween Costume Baton to Stephanie -- she can make those kitty witch princesses for Noli!!)

Here she is in last year's costume -- a kitty fairy! 

All kitty fairies have wings....

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Crewel Embroidery ~ A Favorite Thing

Last week on A Favorite Thing Saturday, Linda of A La Carte shared a lovely cross-stitch piece that she had made for her parents. It is sweetly simple in design but carries a beautiful sentiment -- you can see it here.

Well, that lovely stitchery brought to mind a crewel embroidery picture that I had made for my mother's birthday in 1972. And, since her birthday was a few days ago (she would be 101), this is a perfect time to share this embroidery.

She hung it between the living room and dining room on a portion of wall that was between the opening to the hall (from the living room) and the swinging door to the kitchen (from the dining room). There was no wall between the two rooms -- just one big open room that spanned the width of the house. Anyway, it fit just right there and looked bright and cheery against her light green walls.

When she died in 1978, my father asked me if I would like it back, and of course, I did. And it has hung on a wall in each of the several houses I have lived in since. Now it is hanging in my sun porch, and I smile when I see it. The flowers are still bright and cheery after all these years! Hey, I just thought of this:  my walls are light green too (even though photo editing doesn't show that)!!

This was in a kit and when I was almost done, I ran out of the crewel yarn for the bricks! Oh no!! I searched high and low and finally found some that was close to the color -- I don't think anyone else ever noticed, but of course, I did!! And that bugged me no end! Can you tell where the substitute color is?

A friend of mine made the frame for me, using a wood molding with a brick design to mimic the brick in the stitchery.

I really like the fuzzy centers of the flowers -- I remember them being somewhat difficult to do and I clipped one or two of them a bit too close, but I like the 3-D effect!

And, of course, what matters is that my mother loved it, 
and that it brought her joy.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bambi .... and a few friends!

My Etsy vintage shop has gotten pretty sad looking so I'm trying to get photos made and new things listed. It's the photos that take me the most time -- not so much the actual taking of the picture, but the editing! It just seems to take me forever!!

But I've got a few things ready!

This cutie deer planter is just the sweetest! Doesn't he remind you of Bambi?
I'm sure he was doing a bit of exploring beside the woodland pond and....
Oh my! Surprised by a funny little frog!

Bambi is already in my shop but here are a few things you can expect to see soonest!!

This beautiful afghan -- 
crocheted and then cross-stitched with the flower design.
So much loving work was done on this one!
I think it's perfect to curl up under on chilly fall evenings!

Here's a fun cookbook -- full of holiday treats!

Like this Halloween cake!!

A pretty Fenton strawberry

These cute Monkey Pod snack dishes -- bell pepper and pineapple

And, how absolutely priceless is this .....
a ceramic asparagus canister!!

So, think I can get them listed today?
We'll see!!

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

My Grandmother's Goblets

Last week I mentioned the goblets I was using as part of my fall decorations and decided that they would be perfect to show this week. They are among my very favorite, and very special, possessions.

As with most heirlooms, these goblets have a story. They belonged to my grandmother, my mother's mother. Her name was Lonnie and she died when my mother was fifteen, which means that my grandmother died around 1926.

I have no idea how old she is in this picture but it is one of those that were tinted to have color in the photo. My mother had the original copied and gave one to each of her brothers and sisters. 

She's lovely, but why couldn't they smile back then?!!

My mother came from a family of six -- four girls and two boys. (And then added two more half-brothers and two step-brothers when my grandfather remarried!) All ten of those children were considered family for all of their lives, no matter that they might not all be related by blood.

Apparently, my grandmother's things were scattered and the goblets were not thought of for a very long time.  Well, my mother went on a quest to find them (I can vaguely remember her doing so) and eventually tracked them all down. She wanted each of the girls to have two goblets each.

Mama's two goblets resided in her china cabinet until she gave one each to my brother and me. After my mother's death, my brother gave me his goblet. So now I have two, and they are very special indeed. 

I have done some investigating -- I figured that they were Carnival Glass but didn't know anything about the pattern. I have learned that the pattern is called Colonial and the color is Marigold. They were made by the Imperial Glass Company in the early 1920s and apparently were only produced in the Marigold color. They have a distinctive octagon shape on the base.

I cannot tell you how precious they are to me, or how thrilled I was when my brother gave me his. I guess he thought that since he never had children of his own, I could give my children one each and keep them in the family. 

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