Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bambi .... and a few friends!

My Etsy vintage shop has gotten pretty sad looking so I'm trying to get photos made and new things listed. It's the photos that take me the most time -- not so much the actual taking of the picture, but the editing! It just seems to take me forever!!

But I've got a few things ready!

This cutie deer planter is just the sweetest! Doesn't he remind you of Bambi?
I'm sure he was doing a bit of exploring beside the woodland pond and....
Oh my! Surprised by a funny little frog!

Bambi is already in my shop but here are a few things you can expect to see soonest!!

This beautiful afghan -- 
crocheted and then cross-stitched with the flower design.
So much loving work was done on this one!
I think it's perfect to curl up under on chilly fall evenings!

Here's a fun cookbook -- full of holiday treats!

Like this Halloween cake!!

A pretty Fenton strawberry

These cute Monkey Pod snack dishes -- bell pepper and pineapple

And, how absolutely priceless is this .....
a ceramic asparagus canister!!

So, think I can get them listed today?
We'll see!!

♥♥♥   Linking Bambi to Knick of Time Tuesday -- take a look -- there's lots of great vintage to see!



  1. Wonderful items. I'm afraid I've let my Etsy shop lapse because the pictures were so time consuming. As well as the measuring, checking for nicks, etc. Vintage on Etsy is a lot of work! You do a great job on the photos.

  2. Bambi looks so real - do you use Photoshop? Lots of nice things here. Pretty afghan.

    1. Hi Patty -- no, I use Picasa!! Easy to use, and free!!

  3. It looks like you have some lovely treasures! and soon to find new homes!

  4. I know how time consuming getting things ready for Etsy can be. Your photos are really nice with great details. I bet your pieces will sell very well. Really nice to see your afghan...I'm into crochet these days.

  5. The deer is so cute! And I love the glass strawberry too :)


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