Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Red at the Main Street Grill

I didn't have a single red thing in mind for Rednesday today.....
(or for Vintage Thingie Thursday for that matter.....)

until I took a mug out for my morning coffee.

And there it was!

I've always liked these mugs with their red sign reading "Main Street Grill" 
....and their retro look

They are from Hallmark and go along with the Mitford series houses (now retired) which were based on Jan Karon's books. They make drinking coffee (and cocoa in the winter!!) a lot of fun!

♥♥♥  Linking my mugs to Rednesday over at It's a Very Cherry World. Check it out for more red fun!!
♥♥♥  Linking them too over at Vintage Thingies Thursday at Colorado Lady. Lots of fun vintage goodies to see!




  1. We never know what we will find when we start digging around. You did well for your sharings today.

  2. That's just the type of mug I like for my morning coffee. I love the old feeling of it.

  3. They remind me of a place in Kansas City called Winsteads! Original car burger place, now with inside service and still popular!

  4. Opps, I meant to say "car hop" -- you know the kind from our younger days!

  5. I didn't know the Mitford series was retired now. I'm a Miss Read fan and she never retired her stories, thank goodness! Mitford is an American version of Fairacre and Thrush Green. Happy Rednesday!

  6. Cute mugs :) Goes to show inspiration can strike anywhere!

  7. very cute mugs! Goes great with the checker tablecloth! {:-D

  8. The mugs do look retro! How cute! Happy VTT!

  9. Retro and so lovely red and white. Glad you shared.

  10. That's interesting!
    I really enjoyed those books. I listened to them and love the reader!
    Karon did write at least one book about the early days of the main character--different reader though, so did not resonate that much with me.

  11. love love LOVE those mugs! (and the gingham, too!)

  12. I love coffee mugs! This one is adorable. I just became your 101st follower!
    Hugs, Linda


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