Saturday, October 27, 2012

Minnie, Freddy and Friends ~ A Favorite Thing

Every Halloween back when my kids were young, I would make their costumes for trick or treating. I started off with those cut 'em out and sew 'em together printed designs and gradually got more elaborate as time went on and they got older. Sometimes I sewed them from a pattern, sometimes we put together thrift shop finds, a couple of times they were jammies!

There was a clown and Superman -- my daughter (Stephanie) was propped against the couch since she couldn't quite stand up on her own! My son (Adam) was very proud of his Superman rain boots! Superman appeared at our house until his suit was halfway up his legs -- those jammies got quite a workout!

Then a pumpkin and a robot -- I loved those printed designs!!  Note the superman boots are now robot boots....

They loved their matching glow-in-the-dark skeletons -- and were so excited about their bone necklaces which glowed too! I made matching caps out of a Halloween fabric to top them off. The best part was that they wore those skeleton jammies and could glow at will, with a lot of giggles included!

Do you remember Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street? I saw that movie (on VHS tape thank goodness.... I wouldn't have survived a real movie in the theater!) and it scared the living daylights out of me! Anyway, a number of years later when they had sequels, Adam wanted to be Freddy Krueger (no, he did NOT see any of the movies, at least not until he was grown up enough and watched what he wanted to!)

Anyway, I could not deter him, so we found a Freddy Krueger hand with the blades, a red and black sweater at a thrift shop, and got gooey stuff to be the burns on his face. Yuck! But I must admit, Adam was the cutest Freddy Krueger around! (But I told him he was scary and creepy....)

Stephanie was Minnie Mouse -- I can tell you that I will NEVER sew fur again!! And the gloves and yellow shoes! That was quite a costume to sew! But it did make the rounds of her friends and three of them wore it over the years! After a while I sold it in a garage sale so I'm betting that some other little girls got to be Minnie for Halloween!

Later on came Dracula (note the teeth and the pointy hair) -- Stephanie was a princess that year, dressed in shiny pink with big silver rick-rack and a tall princess hat, but I couldn't find a picture. I saved that cape and Adam has it now -- it would be a bit short on him now but he'll probably find some way to wear it!

Now that my costume creating days are over, I display some pictures around Halloween to remember some of those fun costumes! (I have passed on my Halloween Costume Baton to Stephanie -- she can make those kitty witch princesses for Noli!!)

Here she is in last year's costume -- a kitty fairy! 

All kitty fairies have wings....

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  1. Cute idea to display pictures of your costumed kids!

  2. Such a delightful post! Love seeing the photos of Halloween costumes through the years, Sarah. Such devotion moms have for their kids!

    thanks so much for joining in this week!


  3. Weren't those fun days? I used to make my kids' costumes, too. And I'm with you on the fur! One year my daughter was Dorothy and my son was the Cowardly Lion. His costume was adorable, but so hard to sew. My daughter has never forgotten that I wouldn't buy here real red glitter shoes (which were in the stores in those days for some reason). We glued glitter to an old pair of sneakers. Of course it rained, and by the time she got home, the glitter had all washed off.

  4. How fun to see all these costumes!
    I made all my kids costumes--not necessarily elaborate. My son was a skeleton one year. I used glow in the dark tape of different colors for the bones--attached to black sweats.

  5. What a fun trip down memory lane :) Stephanie looks so much like Noli in the '86 photo!
    And I love the Minnie outifit...she was my favorite growing up :)

  6. Those pictures are just adorable, Sarah. What lovely memories you have, and how wonderful that you documented it that way so you'll always be able to look back and enjoy.


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