Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fall Tea Set ~ A Favorite Thing

Most of the time, my thrifting hours are spent hunting down vintage goodies for my shop, oftentimes things I can enjoy for myself for a while and then pass on to someone else who will love them just as much. So that was my thought when I found this tea set.

But, you know what? I think I might just keep this one for myself! I have what has turned into a tea set collection (more on those another time!) and this little one will fit in just right. Plus, I use fruit in my dining room decor, and the colors in this tea set are perfect!! I even have two different placemat sets that blend right in! So I'm declaring it a keeper!!

I'm using it in my fall decorations which will stay up through Thanksgiving. I've got a bit of Halloween up for Miss Noli's delight and will add in some Thanksgiving as that holiday nears.

Don't you love that pineapple doily? I found it somewhere long ago -- someone had tea dyed it and I think it looks just perfect with my tea set!

Close-up of the design -- it is hand painted and on the sticker you can just barely make out the word Japan and something else that I'll have to get out a magnifying glass to even pretend to see. I'll have to do a little investigating as to its origins.

Did you notice these goblets? They are another favorite thing! A very, very special favorite thing! They belonged to my grandmother, and I think I will tell you about them another time -- maybe next week!

Oh, and guess what!! 

Peanut Bird was featured this week on A Favorite Thing Saturday!!! He was my entry for that fun party last Saturday (read all about him here....) and sweet Claudia gave him a little feature time! Oh my, Peanut Bird was just beside himself when I told him, and is now insisting that the trail mix jar goes to another shelf so that he gets top billing. Silly Peanut Bird.

♥♥♥  Linking my fall tea set over at Claudia's for A Favorite Thing Saturday,
 and on Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound 'cause we're showing fall stuff there!!

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  1. Very pretty set, and congrats to the Peanut Bird!

  2. Oh how lovely they all are - perfect for Pink Saturday AND Autumn Bliss :)

  3. Beautiful goblets! I love collecting things with a little history to them. Congrats to the PB!

  4. Pretty tea set find! Its perfect for the season.

  5. Peanut Bird deserved the spotlight! I love your pretty tea set. Handpainted china is so lovely and I especially love the fall-like colors of that set. They sure go with your pretty goblets!

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


  6. The tea set is definitely a keeper. Wouldn't a spicy cinnamon tea be lovely served in that beautiful pot. I'm looking forward to learning about the goblets (carnival glass?)

  7. How fabulous! Happy pink Saturday!

    Your comment at my PINK Post is always appreciated.

    I am your newest follower.

  8. Say hello to peanut bird. I'm still thinking of him.

  9. Love your peanut bird and his story! What a gorgeous tea set! I would love to know more about it also!
    Hugs, Linda

  10. Oh my goodness....your tea set is just perfect for the Fall season. I would keep it too!!! xo

  11. Love your coffee pot, so gorgeous! Everything looks beautiful! TFS. I am now a follower of your blog and look forward to return visits. I invite you to join me as well on my blog at
    Hugs, Gayle.

  12. What fun! That is a beautiful tea set! How neat that you have goblets from your grandmother - looking forward to the story! Lovely doiley, too. =)

  13. I collected tea sets over the years too but now they are unfortunately scattered to the wind. This one looks large enough to hold coffee! Nice if you have the room to store collections like this... [:-D

  14. A very pretty set but I do LOVE the color of those goblets. I found a vintage candle holder in the same color yesterday at a thrift store. It was just a single but I have to have it. :)

    Can't wait to read about the Goblets now :)
    Sarah & le Weens

  15. I love that tea set-the colors are beautiful. Congrats on peanut bird! Have a wonderful week!

  16. Hello, Dear! I've just discovered your lovely blog, and I'm now following you ~ so nice to meet you! LOVE the Tea Set!

  17. That tea set is so pretty, Susan. And it is perfect for this time of year when fruit is so abundant. Such pretty colors, too. I hope you enjoy your new treasure!

  18. That is a STUNNING tea set, I think it's good to have some of our treasures be keepers, we can't always be just finders, right??!!


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