Saturday, April 27, 2013

Teapots and Hummels ~ A Favorite Thing

I don't have a kitchen window.

Well, I have a window, but it's mirrored in. The people who owned the house before us added a sun porch and laundry room onto what was then the back of the house. While I love these additions, it did leave a missing window that would have looked out onto the laundry room. Of course, I would much rather have that mirrored window above my kitchen sink than to gaze out upon the laundry room!

The window is recessed, mirrored all the way around, and has glass shelves.

So my favorite thing today is what is on one of those glass shelves. I love what's on the top shelf too, but what's on the eye level shelf is what gives me the most smiles. One day I'll show you what's on the laundry room side of that window, 'cause that's a favorite thing too!

This is a teapot that I painted and glazed back in my ceramics days. Isn't it the cutest?!! I love the gnome cottage look of it and the backside is my favorite because of the cute kitty in the window. I sponged little blue flowers on it and did a paint on, wipe off process for the stones.

 My daughter wants it -- I have to watch her when she's here so that she doesn't make off with it!! Not really, but I did tell her I'd give it to her one day...  For now, and for quite a long time, it's staying in my pretend window!

She wants the other teapot too -- this dark blue one. It belonged to my mother-in-law and I dearly love it. Nothing so special about it -- just a blue pottery teapot. But I love it and think it's so sweet.

Now the Hummels -- well they are super special. Again, my mother-in-law's. They lived in Germany for several years when my father-in-law was in the army. She collected about ten of them, and designated that, after her death, they were to go to my daughter. Stephanie graciously lets me keep them (she knows how much I love them)!

Their cutie patootie backsides....

These three reside on the glass shelves -- they are kind of kitchen related -- Baker taking a little taste, Little Sweeper, and Busy Student who is writing her ABCs (which she would do in the kitchen, in front of the fireplace).

Hey! I just realized....

My daughter actually owns EVERYTHING on my favorite kitchen window shelf!!

(shhh..... don't remind her....)

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Monday, April 8, 2013

Thrifting with a Theme

I'm so glad spring is finally arriving and the weather is nice most days. My hubby can play golf in shorts!!

To me, spring means GARAGE SALES!!  Estate sales and thrift stores are year-round, but garage sales tend to happen in the spring and summer. I'm sure its the same everywhere, but I'm just giddy with the thought of garage sales!

Most every time I say something about garage sales my hubby says "well, who's selling their garage and why do you want to buy it?" Ha! He's such a card -- he needs to be on that golf course!

BUT, have you ever gone to a estate sale or garage sale or thrift store and everything you bought followed a theme? That's what I realized when I got my treasures home -- it was a sewing theme.

A few patterns

This one is very cool in the sleeveless version and I love the fact that the model is wearing tennis shoes!
and is that a man's tie I see around her waist?!!

This pattern is pretty crazy and I would feel silly wearing it, but for the right person it would be awesome!
I dunno about those pants though....

Now on to the really cute stuff!

This adorable kitty string holder with its pretty blue and pink flowers

Who wouldn't love that sweet face!

A cutie mouse pin cushion and thimble

The thimble has a home on her tail!!

And this sweet tea pot shaped like a sewing machine!

Reminds me of my mother's sewing machine!  
When she was teaching me how to sew, I had to stitch on a sheet --
seam after seam to practice stitching in a straight line!
Totally boring -- I wanted to sew something!!

Aren't they all the cutest?!!
They'll be in my shop soon, whenever I can get a little research done on the ceramics!

Yay for nicer weather!!

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