Saturday, July 27, 2013

Stampin' it up the S&H and Top Value way!

Did you ever collect S&H Green Stamps or Top Value Stamps at the grocery store?

I remember my mother collecting the S&H stamps and letting me stick them in the little book. I was always so neat with those stamps -- they had to be perfectly placed in the blocks on each page. I have no idea what she got with the stamps but I'm sure it was all anticipated with great excitement!

I just liked sticking those stamps!

The book itself was different too -- just a big S&H on the front as I recall -- no cute family deciding what they are going to redeem those stamps for! I wonder if those kids licked all the stamps for their mom like I did....

I had some of the S&H and also Top Value stamp books tucked away in my buffet. I was scrounging around for something or other in the top drawer which has turned out to be my catch-all drawer -- it catches all the stuff I don't want to fool with right away, but don't want to lose either! Anyway, among all the odds and ends and bits and pieces.... I found the stamp books!

Now these stamps are my own from when I was all grown up and did my own grocery shopping. The last time I remember getting something with stamps was in 1973 or so -- it was a blue wing back chair! I really liked that chair -- I have two wing back chairs now that are burgundy. Comfy to sit in. (But I didn't get them at the stamp store!!)

The books had cute drawings on the inside of people shopping at the stamp store (aka Redemption Center)!

Oh! Is that my wing back chair?
Actually, it was a more feminine looking chair with a kind of scalloped back and curvy legs (which is what I have now with my two burgundy wing backs)!

I found these coupons tucked away in one of the books -- they are worth 400 stamps total, or 1/5 of a book plus 100 extra stamps -- woot! woot!

When I was licking those stamps for my mother, they only had the single stamps, 50 stamps on each page. That's a lot of licking!!

The Top Value stamp books had a cool drawing on the cover -- all the happy people doing their shopping and collecting those stamps! Look at that blue sky -- it's a beautiful day for shopping!

Or filling up the family car at the gas tank! Look -- there's the guy to do that for you (WHAT?? You didn't do it yourself?? LOL!). I bet he cleaned your windshield too! Gone are those days!

Open it to show both front and back covers and we've got those happy shoppers rushing to the redemption center to shop and get free stuff! What fun! What thrifty shoppers!

I'll be listing them in my Etsy shop -- I figure somebody might want them to go in a nostalgic kitchen collection or for vintage paper ephemera to craft with, but for now I'm enjoying looking at them and remembering.... 

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