Monday, August 26, 2013

Blue Love

Good grief! It's been a month since I blogged last!! I don't know what gets into me sometimes....

But I'm back today with some Blue Love to share on Blue Monday!

I recently visited a NEW resale shop that opened close by, in fact just a couple of miles away!! Yay! It had a lot to choose from, although I only found a couple of things that day! My daughter had noticed it, and we decided to stop by, Noli in tow. Of course Noli ALWAYS finds something that she just has to have! Mommy said "no toys" but Noli found some sparkly shoes that passed muster. (If we hadn't had Mommy along, she would have gotten a toy, if you know what I mean....!) Shhh, don't tell Mommy....

Anyway, I found a few things for my Etsy shop -- always on the lookout! But this was the most special...

I Love You This Much -- A Russ Berrie Sillisculpt 

It's Blue and measures about 6 ½ inches tall and dated 1970 on the back.

Did I mention he's BLUE??!!!

Most Sillisculpts were made in an off-white color and measured about 5 inches tall -- they all have cute sayings on them and googly eyes. 

This is one I have in my shop -- World's Greatest Golfer

The colored ones are taller and all one color (no detailed color) like blue or pink. Thus they are harder to find and more rare. So I was thrilled to find this cutie -- and not a chip or scratch on him! He will travel over to my shop soon to keep Mr. Golfer company  : )

His belly is just too cute!!

Sharing my little guy over at Smiling Sally's for Blue Monday