Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mixing It Up in Harvest Gold

Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE going to garage/estate sales?  (don't you just love the ones that are advertised as an estate sale, but are really garage sales?) Thrift stores are right up there too, and, glory be!, there's a new one that's recently opened near me. Yahoo!!

Anyway, on a rummage trip, I found this fabulous Sunbeam mixer! With a tiny bit of difference, it's just like one I bought back in the very early 70s! I think it was my very first kitchen appliance purchase. It was when everything was Avocado Green and Harvest Gold!! My apartment was done in those fab colors (although I doubt that I could stand them now!) -- I wish I still had the flower power avocado/gold sheets I had back then!

So, back to the mixer....  I found it for $3.00 at an estate sale (yes, it was a true estate sale...) AND IT WORKS!!! I've needed a hand mixer for some time -- I have one of those huge all-in-one stand mixer, food processor, dough kneader things (vintage in itself) and just can't stand dragging it out just to mix up a little batch of something or other.

It has a long cord -- made back in the time that we could actually figure out by ourselves that the cord should be kept out of the way of small kids and animals, glassware and water. Oh, perish the thought! We apparently now are prone to run willy nilly with sharp objects unless there is a warning sign in HUGE letters on everything we buy.  Whoops! Down off my soapbox.... :p

I thought it would be cute perched on my little toy stove.

But I think I'll just keep it in the cabinet near its gigantic stand mixer big sister. I hope it doesn't feel small in comparison because it definitely will do some big mixing! And it's that cool Harvest Gold color....

Today I'm linking my "new" and fabulous and Harvest Gold mixer to Knick of Time Tuesday. Rush over there now and find some more vintage goodness!



  1. Hmm... now I'm thinking what color is my handheld mixer - it's just like this. Didn't think about it being vintage before - but I guess it is :) Cute.

  2. Hi Sarah, love your toy stove, I bid on one similar on ebay but lost! But it wasn't as pretty as yours. Yes, Dothan is named after the town of Dothan, my sons drove about 100 miles to the shelter there just to get a long-haired cat like one I used to have and love.
    This cat is almost as mean as the old one and rules the roost, he keeps my little dog, Wilma in line! :) Glad to meet another Alabama girl!
    Have a blessed day, Dorothy

  3. Oh, I remember those colors so well. I had the harvest gold stove. Thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving a message.

  4. Wow, that sure brings back some memories..Harvest Gold and Avacado Green..those were the days...

  5. I still have a hand mixer that was given to me for a wedding present, cream and brown. It still works find after_____years.

    Thank you for your visit and comment. I have just become a new friend and follower and hope you might do the same.

  6. estate sales are the best! Especially when the family has no clue what the goods are worth! HEAVEN!

  7. it must be powerful if it can mix bread dough! What a find. And so cute. Love the pic with it and the little stove! {:-D

  8. Vintage mixers are so much better than the new ones. The new stuff is made to last a few months then you have to go back to Wally World and get a new one ---- so very sad.
    Love your finds!

  9. That reminds me of the first mixer I owned!

  10. Ha! Harvest Gold, my favorite color of that time era! I had Harvest Gold Appliances and any item I could get it harvest gold ! I love your little stove, I finally got one but it has a big dent in the side and not near as nice a yours, but I got one! :) I am going to try a piece of dry ice to take out the dent.....:)


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