Monday, February 20, 2012

George and a Cherry Tree

Well, it's the start of another week, the kids are out of school, and Washington's birthday, aka President's Day, is celebrated. I guess all the other presidents wanted to be remembered, and we can't just keep on adding holidays or we won't have a need for schools (although the kiddos would probably think that was cool)!!

And, it's also Blue Monday!! 

Vtg Postcard George Washingtons Birthday Greetings Germany 1910

I found this cute vintage card in Carrollonline's Etsy shop -- a young boy reciting "First in war, First in peace, First in the hearts of his countrymen" which was said at Washington's funeral. From the look on the teachers' faces, they're not too happy with their student -- maybe because of those bloomers he's wearing? Or maybe because he followed in George's footsteps and chopped down a cherry tree?

(Clicking on each photo will take you directly to the listing!)

Antique postcard, George Washington's birthday, E. Nash, "His Truthfulness," vintage 1909, red cherries, hatchet, metallic silver

Here's young George after he chopped down that cherry tree. The evidence is right there in his hand -- you know he'll never live this one down!! Note that it says "his truthfulness" on the card... From ModernPoetry on Etsy.

Vintage Fostoria Avon Martha and George Washington Brilliant Blue Goblets Set of Five

How about setting your presidential table with these gorgeous Fostoria goblets? I love the cobalt blue!  You can see George on one and Martha on the other on the goblets in front. I love the addition of the silver tray in the photo too! This is from Jen's Closet on Etsy.

1153 Martha Washington - 1975 Effanbee Doll - Famous Women Series - NMIB

Here's Martha looking very lovely -- now we know why old George fell for her!! This is a 1975 Effanbee doll from their Famous Women Series and is found in Mother's DollsNStuff on Etsy.

Mount Vernon Calendar Art

This is Mount Vernon, Washington's home near Alexandria, Virginia. Can you imagine living in such a beautiful home? I remember visiting it on a summer vacation when I was 10 or so. This lovely calendar print can be found in Redford Retro's shop on Etsy.

I hope you enjoyed my little tribute to old George!

I'm linking up on Blue Monday over at Smiling Sally. You'll see lots of beautiful blues over there!



  1. Sarah, what lovelies you posted!
    Happy Blue, and have a fabulous week!
    Cricket @ gypsea nurse

  2. I enjoyed looking through the listings. Blue Monday is indeed fitting.

  3. lots of fun! Yes, they're trying not to laugh at him in those bloomers! {:-D

  4. How nice! Thanks so much for including my goblets!

  5. I love the blues you found!

    Happy Blue Monday, Sarah. Be sure to check out my book giveaway.

  6. How wonderful! Thank you for including my Calendar Art!

  7. Well, Happy Birthday to George! We've been to Mount Vernon several times (we live in VA) and never get enough - it's like Williamsburg, you just want to keep going back. Do you remember the view of the river from George's front porch? So beautiful. Now I just learned from you about a Blue Monday, and I'm going to try to participate next week - sounds like fun! Thanks for sharing. Hugs ~ Mary

  8. Oh how I'd love to go to George's home... isn't it simply lovely? And, what a beautiful picture as well.

    Have a great day!


  9. So glad you had a spot for my "truthfulness" postcard in your nice collection of Washington things--thanks very much!

    If you haven't been to Mount Vernon lately, you really should go back--their new visitor center and museum is fantastic. I used to work for Ash Lawn-Highland, the home of James Monroe and Montpelier, the home of James Madison, both near Charlottesville, Virginia, and they are also wonderful places to visit.

    Happy Presidents' Day to everyone!

    Elizabeth at modernpoetry

  10. That first post card is so unique. I love it indeed. I collect postcards but have never come across any this special. Your blue glasses would make a nice accompanyment for tonights dinner.

  11. Such cute vintage graphics...have a great week.
    Starting late visiting blogs :)

  12. Gorgeous!

    Please come by when you get a chance and see my BLUE, have a great week.

  13. Great Tribute, some very interesting finds. The blue glasses are lovely.

  14. Beautiful blog, and fab post. Stopping by from Vestiesteam blog thread- please come by and say hi at



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