Monday, September 17, 2012

Look what I found by the curb!!

Every now and then I'll spot something that someone has thrown out 
and think to myself that I just NEED it....
 I know you have too, so fess up!!

So why is it that I feel like a thief -- a thief that EVERYONE has their eyes on -- as I skulk around, trying to act nonchalant.  I mean, they did throw it away, after all. 

But that thief feeling persists and so it's got to be a really great thing for me to do a stop and grab with what I KNOW are many eyes peering from behind the curtains, watching me.....
I can tell you this -- I will never dumpster dive!!

When I saw this chair, I knew it would be perfect for photos but it was on my street and I felt kind of embarrassed to stop. So I passed on by, got to my house and reasoned that I didn't know the people who threw the chair out .... so I went back. Now all those eyes were on me, for sure! 

Got out of the car and -- oh no! -- no seat in the chair 

and it was a bad paint job of white over blue! But I HAD to get it now since I had totally made a spectacle of myself. And, of course, I had a bit of trouble juggling it into the back seat! Glory be, I finally got it in and turned the car around and went back home. 

Oh, my cheeks were burning!

But it's a cute chair even with the bad paint job. 
And it will be great for vintage photos.

I decided to leave it as is with the blue showing through, but I think I'll have to fashion something for a seat. 

The afghan kept trying to fall through!!
(this is an afghan I made and listed (and sold!) in Magnolia Surprise, my handmade shop)

OK, it fess up time -- what have you picked up on the side of the road?

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  1. Oh goodness, well it's a cool chair that was worth the flaming cheeks! What about chicken wire in the seat, would match your background and be flexible for taking pics. Can't wait to see what you decide to do!

  2. I am not as creative as you, so I have never picked anything up. I admire your ability to see a use for that chair. BTW: it's no wonder that you sold that gorgeous afghan. Thanks for sharing your beautiful blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, Sarah.

  3. Somebody in our neighborhood was cutting down a big tree, so we stopped and got a chunk of wood to make into a table. I also checked out a drafting table at a different house, but it was too rickety and rusty. I was a little embarrassed about that one since we had just moved in, but oh well. Like you said, they were throwing it away!

  4. I like your afghan, it is colorful..

    Visiting from Blue Monday- hope you can stop by..

  5. Congrats on your cool new chair! Yes I have picked up several items from the curb! One I walked by 3 times to be SURE they meant to put it with the trash!

  6. Side of the road.... Nothing that I can think of, but the chair on my front porch was a dumpster dive. Yep! Everyone who compliments it hears where I "dived" to get it.

    I call is adventure recycled!


  7. That is a cute chair and will look great when you redo it. I feel the same way! I have passed up a beautiful white wrought iron chair, two sets of drawers, and an ironing board! I am so embarrassed, and also I feel a little, I don't know, grossed out by where it was previously? I know I am crazy but I can't help it. No dumpster dives for me, either! Visiting from Met Monday. xo

  8. that is a beautiful chair, and my husband is the king of garbage pickers. lol.

  9. that is a cool chair, and i'm sure you'd make it into something wonderful. love the afghan!

  10. Oh...what fun! You are a girl after my own heart! I just love the curbside treasures that are begging to go home with someone. Just last week, I spied a 1950's metal kitchen cart (my Mom had a yellow and chrome one when I was a little girl). It was free and so obvious just why it was sitting by a dumpster....It was caked on dirt and grime and had a dull brown paint job. I can't wait to clean it up and give it a fresh coat of red paint.
    Way to go....You adopted a poor little orphan and it a new home!

  11. Hi there
    Its ok to pick up something from the curbside for sure....thats why they put them there for someone to pick it up and hopefully not the garbage man. I bet they will feel better to know its going to have a seat again probably.
    Your aghgan is lovely....and bonus that you sold it too.
    It was so nice of you to come by and visit my blog today..I hope you'll be back again.
    Now what have I picked up?...hmmmmm...a desk drawer out of a really yucky dresser..and I made a drawer clock out of it.

  12. I know that feeling - I picked up a drop front desk (and knocked on their door to double check it was ok to take it). Took it home, painted it and use it every day (in the kitchen).
    I am following back.

  13. I've dragged a slate topped end table into my little Civic. The top was so heavy I almost fell over backwards. The street was a busy one, too, in a relatively small town -- I'm sure someone I know saw me!

    I think your chair has real possibilities!

  14. Great find! Have fun deciding on a seat cover :)

  15. I believe I have, but can't think of anything right now. My brother has found amazing things in a dumpster by his condo. A friend picked up 2 mahogany chairs that simply needed refinishing.
    I like the idea of recycling and it seems sad that people simply throw away good (or potentially good like your chair) stuff away.
    You could fashion a seat out of plywood-paint it or not. If you wanted, you could cover the wood with padding and fabric.

  16. Beautifully made.

    Catching up with Blue Monday.
    It would be great if you can comment on My BLUE as well. Thanks!

  17. What haven't I picked up! Chairs, a gas grill, plants etc and etc! I'm still regretting several I didn't stop at. One of my favorite blogs to read is Curb Alert! Here is one of my previous blog posts about a curbside freebie

    I have no qualms about snatching a throwaway item, but haven't haven't done any dumpster diving because I'm jut not agile enough and I'm afraid of vermin.

  18. Very funny post. I haven't been lucky enough to find any such great finds.

  19. Dumpster diving is one of my favorite things to do. (you don't actually GET IN the dumpster..just pick up things you see..:) The best thing I ever got was a brand new 8x10 beautiful area rug and it had a 5X7 matching one. They were just there beside the dumpster.

    Oh, and Rita Hayworth was my hero growing up. :))
    oops, you have word verification on, in case you didn't know.

  20. THANK YOU for following. I am following right both places. :)

  21. Thanks for stopping by my blog and lending suport to a difficult topic. I hope others will suppor that blog post as well,


  22. I love picking up things on the side of the road. I stopped being embarrassed a long time ago. I have gotten some amazing finds and I think your chair is great :)

  23. Last thing I found by the side of the road wasn't vintage but was some very clean, serviceable wire shelves to store more vintage! thanks for the fun post!

  24. I LOVE your chair. I'm not proud, I would totally pick something up roadside but haven't found a good neighborhood in for this activity as of yet!


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