Friday, June 14, 2013

Card Making ~ Noli Style

If you're anything like me, you keep every sweet handmade card your children or grandchildren have made for you. Your refrigerator is probably full to the brim with cards and drawings!

I was looking through the top drawer in my buffet this morning, hunting for an old metal toothpick holder that belonged to my grandmother (don't ask me why.... it's a long story....) but anyway, while rooting around in that drawer (a drawer that holds all manner of photos, cards, little stuff and nonsense) I came across this card! It was made by Noli with, I'm sure, a bit of help from mommy, and was my valentine a few years ago. 

Unfortunately, it's not dated but from Noli's picture, I'd say she was close to three which would make it February 2009. Her hair is still short and whispy -- just like her mother, her hair didn't grow much or thicken until she was well into her three's and four's.

It was made by gluing an embroidered armchair antimacassar to a used card (if there's anything that my daughter is, it's thrifty and totally into upcycling and recycling!) 

Isn't that butterfly sweet? and the pink and blue crochet edging?

The inside has recycled valentine tissue paper topped with a bird cut from a felted sweater on one side...

and a cute picture of Noli surrounded by flowers on the other! The background is water colored on card stock. Noli looks like a little waif in the picture with her soulful expression! I remember the dress -- a longish prairie style with tiny pink and blue flowers. 

Stephanie always made cards for me when she was small, and has passed that tradition on to Noli. 

Noli loves to make cards for every occasion, for everybody in her life -- some are plain with just writing and some are more elaborate with lots of glued on detail.

This is one that Noli made for my recent birthday (we don't talk about it because it was a BIG one...). I have no idea why she drew a puppy on it since we are all kitty people around here! But it's sweet and shows her writing abilities now at the summer after 1st grade. Don't you love little kid's spelling? Note the two T's in birthday and the backwards D! Cute!

And these are very detailed ones that she made for Stephanie for Mother's Day. I just had to document it in a pic! 

This one is Noli -- her hands are from tracing her own hands, and she crinkled the hair so it would be curly!
And the missing teeth! She has something like seven new ones now!

And this is a lovely purse

which opens to reveal some information about mommy

Note that in "the good old days" mommy liked to play with baby dolls,  not balls as it looks like -- there go those backwards D's again! And note the cute spelling of "especially" -- that's the one that should be in the dictionary! 

Boy, rooting through a drawer on a toothpick holder quest sure brings back the memories!!

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  1. Treasures and memories that are irreplaceable.

  2. These are just adorable and so is she! :)

  3. These are the kind of things that SING to our heartstrings. :)
    Happiest Pink Sat.

  4. Sweet post. I love children's art work and cards. The recycling of cards is such a neat thing too.

  5. What cute cards! Yours may be the only one I've ever seen with so much embroidery on it!

  6. What treasures! No store-bought card could ever bring so many smiles. We lost my mother two years ago and her desk was filled with cards we had made for her. The card store cards were saved in a box, but the handmade ones were in her desk. Thanks for reminding me to make more cards by hand!!!.

  7. Hi Sarah, I to keep cards and especially home made ones from people I love. How darling they are. Quite advanced for a little girl. She is very clever and adorable.

    Wishing You a happy pink Sat. and Father's Day weekend.
    xo, Jeanne

  8. Those are so cute! I keep the cards, too - and sweet little notes.

  9. Wonderful cards and sentiments. My daughter loves to create cards, too, and it is hard to find a place for all of them!
    I am working this summer in a summer preschool program and a few of the kids had me write things for their dads--their comments were hilarious! I love what kids say and it is great that you still have those cards.

  10. There's nothing better than a homemade card! These are so lovely - priceless, too.
    Scout just made a card for her dad for Father's Day!

    Thanks so much for joining in this week.


  11. How fun and so sweet! Thank you for sharing at TTF this past week!

  12. You made a good decision when you saved those cards; what happy memories you have.

    Happy Blue Monday, Sarah.

  13. What a great post and Noli is so cute! The 2 of you seem to have as much fun as Amara and I do together. Being a Grandma really is the best. I am off to look at the rest of your posts. Thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by AmaraLand, too! Life with your granddaughter is just going to keep getting better!

  14. What a cutie and making you some wonderful memories.

  15. Don't you love this age for the grands...Mine is 6 and is graduating Kindergarten next Monday....her cards and writing look the cute...My last post showed a similar person Sophie made and dressed it in stripes just like grandma....your Noli is adorable...

  16. Those are memorable and valuable cards.
    Thanks for dropping by :)

  17. Those are pretty. I played too. Mine are here and here.

  18. Good Morning Sarah, Thank you for popping by and visiting me at Ivy, Phyllis and Me! it is lovely to meet you.
    Noli is so sweet and such a talented little girl. I loved Stephanie's Mother's Day card..... the teeth were fabulous.
    Bless her, she was spelling especially, phonetically.... clever girl.
    Do you know Sarah, I thought I was following you, but I obviously have got myself confused somewhere along the way. I'll put it down to age, but my daughter tells me that is just an excuse.... I don't mind as it works for me. So I have remedied the situation and become a new follower.
    I look forward to getting to know you.
    Best Wishes


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