Sunday, September 15, 2013

Thrifty Finds

I discovered a new thrift store!! Well, new to me anyway! It's in a town that's about 20 minutes away so there's a good chance that I'll be back! 

What's so neat about this shop is that they mark EVERYTHING down! They have new stuff in the front and then the sticker gets a colored mark on it when it's been there a while (not long, maybe a week), and then they rotate what percentage is for what color mark. I only got a few things -- except for some cute juice glasses with an apple design (which were full price), everything else had a brown mark which that day was 20% off! Yahoo!  Other colors were for 10% up to 70% -- pretty neat system if I do say so myself!! They had a lot of stuff, the store was pretty neat, and their prices were good -- a thrifter's paradise!!

I found these two sweet plates, which have BLUE on them, and just right for Blue Monday

I love this little one -- it's only 4 inches across and has holes on the back to hang it on the wall. The gentleman is so cute riding his high wheel bicycle! (They were popular in the late 1880s to 1890s but riding them was pretty risky! Woe to him who encountered a rock in the road!!) 

And isn't he handsome with his handlebar mustache! And his blue checked pants! It's by Lefton China.

The vibrant colors are so pretty on this saucer! Deep blue, green, and yellow tinged with deep rose.... there's even an orange leaf in the mix! I wish I had found the cup for this one but I guess it got separated from its saucer. Still, a very pretty plate on its own.

The veins on the blue leaves are in a metallic gold -- very pretty!
And the little flowers on the leaves are 3-D so there is texture to the plate : )

It was a Hong Kong import -- says "Hand Painted in Hong Kong Especially for Quality Imports" on the back. And that was obviously hand painted onto the plate, not stamped.

Do you remember the Peach Luster color in Fire King? My mother had cups and saucers in that color and I always thought they were so pretty. It seems that they were give-aways from a grocery store! 

I found three saucers -- again, no cups -- what is it with the no cups anyway?! But I figured I might find some cups one of these days to go with them. And they were such a very good price  : ) 

Oh, and these are the juice glasses -- I like that apple design! 
They're listed in my shop!!
Yes, those are my crocheted apple coasters making an appearance!
I thought they added some cuteness to the glasses!

Sharing my finds at Smiling Sally's for Blue Monday



  1. wonderful finds! the plates!

  2. Oh Sarah,

    You made out "like a bandit" at that shop! I do like the blue color in the second plate, and the fellow on the bike is so cute. Thanks for sharing these blues.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  3. What a fun day you had and prosperous ~ love the second plate ~ great photos ~ carol, xo

  4. Sarah, your granddaughters team must be so cute-playing at soccer. Ours started out like that too-my granddaughter who is 9 says her coach still babies them though. What a great system at your new (to you) thrift store--I would be looking for brown stickers everyday.

  5. All your finds are great. I really like like the top plates.

  6. It's so much fun to find a new store with great items. I have never heard of it before but I love the peach set.

  7. I really like that floral saucer! It's beautiful.

  8. What great buys! That is wonderful. I love the bright colours.
    Cheers from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

  9. Love that bicycle plate!! Wonderful finds!

  10. Wow! Great buys indeed! I like the plate with the metallic gold and texture. It would have been really awesome if you found the cup that comes with it, too! But I guess getting the saucer alone is already finding a treasure. :)

  11. Your finds are fabulous! The guy in the bicycle is a riot! I love that colorful plate too. It is quite cheerful. I hope you find those cups you are looking for. :)

  12. What wonderful finds! The bicyclist reminds me of my Uncle who had the most wonderful mustache. He was so very proud of it, too!

  13. Great finds, love the plates with the colourful leaves.

  14. The peach luster is gorgeous! And I love the things you crochet! You are so talented! Hugs!


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