Friday, April 15, 2011

I Guess I'm Just a Glutton for Punishment...

Hello and welcome to my new vintage blog!! As you might already know, I have another blog -- Magnolia Surprise -- where I blather on about my shops, my cutie-patootie granddaughter, my absolutely wonderful kitty, Oliver, and some other stuff usually themed from the amazing EtsyBloggers Team or, oh my goodness, from whatever catches my attention at the moment. Oh, and I also have a post each (and almost every) Wednesday that features other sellers with super-duper shops!


I've wanted to put together a vintage blog that will not only feature vintage sellers, but also will be a look back in time in my life (and believe me when I say it's a loooong look back) that may tie in with stuff in my shops...or not, who knows ; )  I thought it would be fun to focus also on the history or funny/interesting facts about the vintage goodies that are in my shops. Even Oliver may make an appearance from time to time -- after all, he does like to check out my vintage stuff when something new comes in the door!

Sooo, I hope you will follow me and that this will be a fun place to linger a bit.  ♥♥♥  : )

This little cutie is my avatar and even shows up from time to time in my photos.
It was mine as a child....but more on that later! 

And, of course, I can't possibly leave you without a few more pictures, here are a few of my favorites from each of my shops!

This belonged to my mother-in-law and I think it's just so very sweet!

(There's that little stove again!)

My shop is very new on Zibbet - I also want to open a Magnolia Surprise shop there, as well!

OK!! Well I hope you enjoyed your visit here and that you will return many more times! I hope you'll consider following -- it looks pretty lonely over there right now!!



  1. Hooray for new blogs! I love vintage, so I'll definitely be following along.

  2. Nice new blog, and I too love vintage and antiques. Congrats!

  3. I love the vintage oven! I'm sure lots of great baking went on in it.;)

  4. Nice blog! Love the vintage carafe. I'm thinking, if you keep the blog going for at least 20 years, etsy will let you call it a "vintage" blog!

  5. As one who love vintage and antique items I am definitely marking this blog as one to follow!
    It is funny to think that things I grew up with are now considered "vintage"! I guess that includes me also :

  6. Love your new blog. I am vintage too...ha, ha, I will love coming back to read more.
    Best wishes.

  7. What a fun idea. And I like your personal vintage things here, especially your stove! :p

    Happy weekend to you!


  8. Super cute ! Follow me back !
    Happy blog hop !

  9. Love your new blog and vintage shop!

  10. What a fun and cheery blog! Love it...great vintage shop too!

  11. love your old toy stove! old toys are my favorite


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