Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Remember When ~ My Childhood Library

This being the month when the first US public library was opened in 1833, and with a tap on the shoulder from the EtsyBloggers team, I have been thinking about my childhood public library which was established in 1939. It was located in the Downtown (always capitalized, you know!) area in my hometown of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. (And, no, I was NOT one of its first visitors!!)

East Baton Rouge Parish Orignial Main Libary

Main entrance -- looked mammoth to me!

As I remember it, it was a vast expanse of books, card catalogs and librarians shushing me! But I got a good start on reading there and am now never without a book.

There was a special children's area where I would spend my time -- it was located downstairs which was not really a basement, and not really on the ground level. Somewhere in between.....

Children's Reading Room at the Former Main Library

See the window? We were in the 'neither here nor there' region of the library! Really looks cozy, huh?

Interior of the Old Main Library

Do you remember the old card catalogs using the Dewey Decimal System? I pity the librarians who had to type up all those little cards with all those strings of numbers and letters!

And we checked out by writing our names on cards, one of which would go in the book, and the other for the library records. And I think my library card was orange!

East Baton Rouge Parish Orignial Main Libary

Inside, with the librarian's counter to the left, Mr. Dewey Decimal to the right, and the spooky upstairs...
There were also these poles with newspapers draped over them and huge gigantic albums of various articles.
(So pre-internet!) 

East Baton Rouge Parish Orignial Main Libary

I wasn't allowed up here until I was probably Jr High or so!

East Baton Rouge Parish Orignial Main Libary

The architecture on this building was magnificent. 
Quite a change from today's!

This library memory is part of the EtsyBloggers Blog Carnival which is being hosted by Storybeader. One of the topics to choose from was to post about fond memories of your public library and reading. I immediately stepped back in time to my childhood library. 

Now, when I take Noli (age 5) to the library, it is such a vast difference in atmosphere and design. She has computers to play on and, when she's older, to do research on; comfy seating; games and stuffed animals to play with -- and nobody's shushing her!!



  1. I loved this trip back in time! How great that there are the "old timey" photos available. I could find nothing archival on the internet for the library I visited as a child.
    What a wonderful building!

  2. I still live near my favorite childhood library. My family moved away from it originally when I was 12, but I came back to the area for college and never left. Ha ha.

    I should see if there are any old photos for it; I'm relatively sure it was founded in the early 1900s...

  3. Your blog gave me such a great feeling - I felt as though I had stepped back to my own childhood. Thanks for a great blogs and wonderful vintage pics!!!

  4. What great memories. I can remember going to libraries as a child but nothing like this one!

  5. The library I first went to was in my school, but after that I went to the county library which was much like you describe. Thanks for the memories!

  6. Lovely blog. I followed you and liked you on FB. Thanks!


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