Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Sneak Peek

It seems that my vintage hunting has leaned toward the kitchen lately. Hmmm, maybe somebody's trying to tell me something -- like cook something sometime, why don't ya!!

These are some little goodies that should show up pretty soon in my shop (if I can ever get out of the kitchen, that is......all that cooking you know!!)

I fell in love with this little enamelware coffee pot as soon as I saw it! I just think it's precious! Of course, I can't say that I'd trade it for my coffeemaker, but it would be great for camping....if I camped anymore, that is!

And this sweet enamelware tea kettle! It's so bright and cheery; I love the colors! It would definitely look charming sitting on my stove. It's by M. Kamenstein and was manufactured in 1983.

A tea pot -- this one Corning Ware in the Wildflower design which was manufactured from 1977 to 1986. The really cool part is that it has an aluminum lid and not a plastic one! I had a teapot like this except in the Cornflower design. I wonder whatever happened to it -- maybe gave it to a kid or other. Hmmm, I'll have to look for it!

And the best -- a Sunbeam electric hand mixer! And it works!! I had one similar to this one, maybe a bit newer. But the same Harvest Gold color -- everything was Harvest Gold and Avocado Green in the 70s, including my kitchen!!

So there you go -- my latest kitchen finds! Now I'd better go cook.....



  1. I love the little corning ware teapot. Reminds me of one my mom had many moons ago.

  2. I have serious Coffee pot envy.

  3. I love them all! The all white enamelware is my fave.

  4. I like that first one! Great finds!


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