Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Remember When ~ Mama's Candy Dish

This  candy dish is sitting on my "listed" shelves and I got to looking at it and thinking about the memories it brings back.

My mother had one just like it -- when I found it at a garage sale, I just knew I had to have it! It belonged to the "garage sale lady's" mother too and we reminisced a bit about our moms.

It was always on the coffee table filled with different candies. I had to be very careful when taking the top off -- I didn't want to drop it! I remember that I would always line up the scallops so that they fit together perfectly -- even at an early age I couldn't stand for something to be out of line. I've had to work very hard on not having everything perfectly symmetrical in my life!

Have you ever run across something that brings back special memories? Leave a comment and let me know!



  1. Gorgeous candy dish! My great grandma had one that was almost the same and was always filled with werthers candies -- my favorite! Sea Marie

  2. My grandma has a "green dish" that she keeps important papers and spare keys in :) Each of us kids and grandkids has one now too :)

  3. That is a pretty candy dish. My mom never had candy dishes out. She was always funny about my sister and I having treats. She would hide Girl Scout thin mint cookies and Fanny May mint meltaways in the freezer. Like we never found them! To this day we both can not eat one of those cookies or candies unless they are frozen!

  4. Oh, yes. Lots of things. I have my grandmother's antique glider rocker. I can remember it in her living room since I was old enough to notice. I also have a reverse glass painting of a parrot that hung in her living room. I used to sit on her couch and stare at that painting. I was fascinated with it. It's now hanging in my bedroom. The paint has flaked off here and there and it's not very pretty anymore, but I still look at it a lot.


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