Saturday, August 6, 2011

Get out from that kitchen!! Treasury fun!

Just had to show you this awesome treasury! My tea kettle leads the way!! (blush blush)

I love it! Especially the aprons! I just love vintage aprons, but not to wear! For some reason I've never been an apron wearer, but I sure do like them! I do have one that has a dog holding a kettle with a kitty in it that I wear for messy work (for Pete's sake, don't tell Oliver -- I don't know what he'd do if a dog put him in a kettle. Probably Mr. Dog would be in his own kettle soon enough!!)

Oliver says, "I'll give that dog the evil eye and he'd for sure high tail it outta here"   
   >^.^<      >^.^<   

And the Tupperware funnel! I've got one somewhere; I'll have to hunt it down. Have you ever made a giant Hershey's Kiss using that funnel? I have, lots of fun! Wrapped it in aluminum foil.

Every now and then I'll post a treasury that I especially like or one that I've created. I do so enjoy them and want to pass on the fun to you!

This treasury was made by gingerakesler2 who has a terrific vintage shop on Etsy. Here's the direct link to the treasury or you can just click on the title up there on the treasury!




  1. That is a pretty treasury--love all the bright pops of color!

  2. Congrats on the treasury. Love all the color!

  3. I can see why the teapot leads off the treasury! I'm a big etsy customer; I love looking through the treasuries.

    And I love the idea of making a giant Hershey's Kiss from a funnel! I might just try that!

    I'm your newest follower.

  4. Congratulations on your item in the treasury. It's a great collection.


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