Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Something Red for Johnny Appleseed

Johnny Appleseed Day was coming up and the first graders were going to celebrate in style -- bobbing for apples, making applesauce, singing apple songs, to name just a few apple activities. And, of course, they were to wear red.

They even got their pictures in the newspaper!

That's Stephanie in her red dress! Check out the apples on the red shirt on the kid with the apple in his mouth! Oops...the apple bobber forgot his red shirt! (Excuse the photo, but it is 21 years old and unfortunately creased in the middle...)

I had made Stephanie's dress for the first day of school -- and it just happened to be RED!! I still have it -- I also saved the ones I made for her first day of Kindergarten and second grade. BTW, Stephanie just turned 28, so those are definitely vintage dresses!!

It's a jumper with a blouse underneath, complete with ruffles (she wouldn't be caught dead in ruffles now!) down the front of the jumper. And on the pockets. And on the collar. Hearts and bows all over that dress! And, of course, the cutie heart buttons! Oh my....

I'm linking Stephanie's red dress to a fun meme I recently discovered -- Rednesday hosted by It's a Very Cherry World. Grab your something red and link up too! And read about other reds while you're there!



  1. Hi Sarah! I always loved to sew for my girls, so much fun. That little dress you made is adorable...Any Grandgirls going to wear it?
    Have a great day! ))smiles))

  2. What a cute dress! And how cool that she could wear it while bobbling for apples!

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    Your blog is very cute!

  4. I loved reading about Stephanie's red dress! I used to make dresses and such for my daughter Kelly who is 25. Where do the years go? I'm so glad for the memories and the wonderful old photos of those precious times. I'm delighted to be your newest follower. I'm off to check out your etsy shops!
    :) Lynn at Cottage and Creek

  5. That little dress is adorable!!
    Fun she was i paper.

    barbara jean

  6. That's a stunningly beautiful dress--and it's amazing that you've saved it for so many years!


    Darling, scarlet ladybug,
    On the prowl for bugs and such,
    If I met you on the rug,
    I would not be frightened (much).

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Red Cactus Fruit

  7. Adorable. I loved bobbing for apples when I was a kid.

  8. What a cute little dress! Smart of you to keep it all these years to Noli can wear it now.

  9. Too funny! That is exactly the kind of stuff my mom made me 'back then' and I had those bangs! I'm half a year younger than your daughter, so I guess it makes sense we had the same styles =)

  10. It's a darling dress! Good job on saving it. Noli's smart to remember it too! That girl has a memory! {:-D

  11. I love that you made her a special dress for the first day of school and that you've kept it all these years!

  12. It's a perfectly darling dress and I love that your granddaughter can wear it now. I wore my grandmother's wedding dress to my mother's 80th birthday. Such fun.


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