Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Red Vintage Christmas and some candy canes too!

Good grief! My last post was a Rednesday post too!! And it was more than a month ago! Sorry 'bout that but I think I'm back in blogland again...

This Rednesday I want to share a few vintage Christmas goodies that are just now listed in my Etsy shop. I love finding little treasures like these in thrift stores! (PS - click on the pics and you'll be whisked away to my shops!!)

I love this mug -- happy reindeer with bows on their antlers are just the best! And a great place to stash your candy canes (you know who you are, storing them in the back of the pantry where no one will see!)  So quit hiding them and let them experience a little Christmas cheer!

I found this red and white granny square pot holder in a tiny thrift shop but didn't get it. Then I found the green pitcher one a few days later in another shop -- went back to get the red one 'cause I thought they'd make a cute Christmas pair. Yay! it was there! The green one is so unique -- it's crocheted in the round so that it's open like an oven mitt. Wouldn't it look cute sitting on your bakers rack with some of those candy canes in it?

These cool Christmas ribbons are from the 80s (the RN number on the holly one indicates it might be from the 70s, but I'm not sure). Anyway, they'd be perfect for Christmas crafts or gift wrapping!

OK, no candy canes here -- but you could use the red and green patchwork ribbon to tie up a bundle of the peppermint yummies to give to your sweet-tooth neighbor....

clip art drawing of candy cane

Linking up my candy canes : ) to Rednesday over at It's a Very Cherry World. Find more red goodness there!


  1. That mug is so cute! I can't believe it'll be December tomorrow.

  2. Great Christmas finds. Glad you are back with us bloggers.

  3. Happy Rednesday - I Love your candy canes~

  4. Just me again to answer your comment on my blog today. No, I was not texing as I do not even have a cell phone. I only have a small digital camera that is with me all the time. When we stopped at a light, I took the photo. At me age, I HAVE TO BE MORE CAREFUL.

  5. The mug and crochet pitcher are such cute vintage items! And the ribbon would be fantastic to decorate with!

  6. I like what's in the mug best of all!


    A day without scarlet, they say,
    Can color the soul ashen-grey;
    For if there’s no red,
    The soul feels half-dead,
    And has no incentive to play.

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Red blossoms here, red buds here

  7. I'll have to check out your shop for the goodies!

  8. Hi, What fun finds. I love the green crocheted potholder. Yes they do make a darling combo. Sweet heart candy canes. Perfect for Rednesday!

  9. Hi Sarah,
    Nice to meet you! I saw you had signed up to view my blog and had to come say thank you! We have a lot in common, and I swear to you, I had that metal toy stove in your banner as a child!!!!! I loved the post about the thermoses and stopping for the picnics and such while traveling....did it often as a kid! Sandy

  10. Such festive Christmas ribbon. I'm totally addicted every time I step in a thrift store to the ribbon/crafting section.


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