Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Puzzles, Ponies and Clowns!!

Boy, I've really neglected this little blog! I've been doing my posting over on my other blog, Magnolia Surprise, and the Attic has taken a back row seat! But I'm back now with a post for Rednesday to show off some neat reds that I've recently come across ....

Sometimes when I'm keeping Noli on a weekend, she likes to go to thrift stores and garage sales (a child after my own heart, she is)!!  I mean what could be better than a six-year-old actually WANTING to go to garage sales! Of course, this means that she will get "new" toys, twisting my arm -- "please oh please, puh-leeze can I have it? -- and I fall into her trap. And the little sneak usually scores a few freebies along the way!

So, we recently went to our favorite thrift store -- Noli being on her best behavior since she knows that's the only way she can pick out anything to buy. I'm always ready to negotiate with her, lining up her hopefuls and telling her she can pick two. "But I want this one and that one and I NEED this other one...." Into her trap I go -- Oh, OK, you can have it, you've been so good today.

STRENGTH --- I need STRENGTH to resist this small child! Can't do it, not ever and besides, isn't it a grandmother's right and privilege to spoil their grandchild? You bet it is!!

We found a really neat puzzle -- we put it together when we got home but I forgot to take a pic ....

Don't you love the colors? Are chameleons really blue? Red, yes, but blue? I dunno! Of course we had to talk a bit about how animals camouflage themselves (I'm always on the lookout for a way to sneak in a little learning!)

We couldn't leave the store without a few ponies -- this kid is pony obsessed! We found a bag full. 
And, the unicorn pony has a red mane and tail!!

And she found this big pony ("I NEED it for my Cabbage Patch dolls. I don't think it's a REAL Cabbage Patch horse but it looks like one, and I NEED it for my dolls to ride on. Puh-leeze? And it's PURPLE! Puh-leeze?") Who can resist?!!

So what did I find? Well, these two cool thermoses (is that right for the plural? Maybe it's thermosesses? Thermosi? Anyway, the gold one is HUGE -- that thing will hold a lot of coffee! And the red one is just a cutie I think.

And then I found these two clowns. Now I'm not a lover or even liker of clowns. I'm one of those people that just don't find them funny. They're not scary, unless they're Stephen King clowns but we won't think about those evil sharp-toothed clowns!! I just don't much like them. Well, I liked Red Skelton's clown but then I liked anything Red Skelton did!

Anyway, these two clowns are totally cute in their red jackets and playing their musical instruments. I like the big red spots on the violinist, and the way the drummer's toes stick out of his shoes! They are porcelain and made in Korea.

They and the thermoses (that must be the right one because the auto spell-check is not underlining it in red) will be happy and cozy in my Etsy shop soon, sooner, soonest! And if you like clowns, you know where these two will be!

♥♥♥  I'm linking my red thermos and clowns, and Noli's red puzzle and pony over on Rednesday at It's a Very Cherry World -- hop on over and see some more reds!!



  1. IS a grandmother's right to spoil their grandkids rotton! But you know, I really can't support you on the clown front. I'm TERRIFIED of them in any form. I don't trust them, instrument toting or not. LOL.

  2. I always thought those Ravensburger puzzles were neat when our kids were little, but not inexpensive, so it's nice that they are now finding their way to thrift stores. What is it with girls and ponies?

  3. Love the thermoses, too! The ponies crack me up! My 19-yr-old daughter is a serious My Little Pony collector, so I always have my eyes peeled for them. (She also collects Transformers, lol!)

  4. That is so nice you have a little one that enjoys the same things you do. You make a great pair of shoppers.

  5. SO nice that you have a thrifting buddy that is such a cutie. My son wants to go all the time,and he's 20. Love her finds-the ponies are so cute. ALso love the thermoses.

  6. fun shopping with you! I love puzzles, and the ponies are cute! I don't use thermoses and I don't like clowns! At all! So I choose Noli's picks over yours! {:-D

  7. I wouldn't be able to resist that adorable face either! We spoil Jesse's niece and nephews all the time :)
    I remember the days of My Little Ponies! That big one is awesome!

  8. It's your privilege to spoil your grandchild...and who could resist that sweet smile?!

  9. having a thrifting buddy is double the fun and such treasures you have found


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