Monday, March 31, 2014

Little Miss Sunbeam

I hadn't thought about Little Miss Sunbeam in years. Until hubby brought this loaf of bread home the other day!

and there she was, Little Miss Sunbeam

just like I remembered her from my childhood.

This is from 1954 which was around the time I first remember eating Sunbeam bread. She really hasn't changed much over the years... she's definitely held her age better than I have!

Little Miss Sunbeam illustration, 'Not By Bread Alone'

I remember seeing this, too, probably in magazine ads

She even had her own comic book! Look... she even went to outer space!! Pilot Jim must be the spaceship delivery guy -- check out his uniform! LOL! I don't remember these, but I would have read them if I'd known about them! I remember Lulu and Richie Rich but not Little Miss Sunbeam when it comes to comic books.

Did you ever take white bread, cut off the crust, and roll it up like a ball? And eat it? Hubby couldn't believe I used to do that as a kid! Had to be white bread, wheat wouldn't work as well! It was like eating dough!

But, as a kid, who cares about that?!! It was just fun!

Do you remember Little Miss Sunbeam?

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Mother's Candy Dish

I so love it when I find something at a garage sale or thrift shop that is exactly like something I grew up with.

So it was with this candy dish. It's twin was always on the coffee table... and yes, filled with candies. I don't remember what kind of candy now, but I sure remember the candy dish.

I also remember always having to line up the scallops top and bottom.... I've always been a little OCD!

I love the soft scallops all the way around

and those circles in the bottom

and the sweet finial on top.

It was made by Anchor Hocking in the 50s and is quite heavy

I'm so glad I found it -- the lady at the garage sale seemed reluctant to sell it, even though she had put it out in her garage sale! But after talking with her, and telling her about the one I remembered from my childhood, she must have decided that I would give it a good home! It had belonged to her mother, so I understand why she would want to keep it.... but she did put it out for sale! Who knows!

Anyway, I'm glad to have it.... I'm not sure if there will actually be candies in it (because then I will be too, too tempted to eat them...) and it probably won't be on my coffee table (which is generally filled with yarn and crochet projects), but I will find a good use for it. And the perfect place for it.

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Salt and Peppers on a Trip

OK, I admit it... it's been way too long since I blogged here! I've been focusing on my other blog and have been sorely neglecting this one. I'm sorry, dear little blog, I'll try to do better...

I thought today I would tell you about a little trip these cute salt and peppers took. I found them at an estate sale and listed them in my shop (which I have neglected too -- so many things to list, so little time!)

 Anyway, they recently sold and the shipping address was to a restaurant in Massachusetts. Curious, I did a little detective work and found that they were going to Bronwyn Restaurant which serves German and Central European dishes.

Don't these pretzels look good?

When the buyer messaged me that they had arrived, she told me how much everyone loved them, especially since they were made in Germany! I had to admit to her that I had put on my detective's hat and found the restaurant, and wished I were closer because my hubby LOVES German food!

So if you happen to go to Bronwyn Restaurant in Somerville, Massachusetts, look for my salt and pepper shakers!

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