Monday, March 31, 2014

Little Miss Sunbeam

I hadn't thought about Little Miss Sunbeam in years. Until hubby brought this loaf of bread home the other day!

and there she was, Little Miss Sunbeam

just like I remembered her from my childhood.

This is from 1954 which was around the time I first remember eating Sunbeam bread. She really hasn't changed much over the years... she's definitely held her age better than I have!

Little Miss Sunbeam illustration, 'Not By Bread Alone'

I remember seeing this, too, probably in magazine ads

She even had her own comic book! Look... she even went to outer space!! Pilot Jim must be the spaceship delivery guy -- check out his uniform! LOL! I don't remember these, but I would have read them if I'd known about them! I remember Lulu and Richie Rich but not Little Miss Sunbeam when it comes to comic books.

Did you ever take white bread, cut off the crust, and roll it up like a ball? And eat it? Hubby couldn't believe I used to do that as a kid! Had to be white bread, wheat wouldn't work as well! It was like eating dough!

But, as a kid, who cares about that?!! It was just fun!

Do you remember Little Miss Sunbeam?

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  1. I love those nostalgic images :)
    The bread I know from my childhood didn't have a fun image on it, but it was thin sliced and crustless - can't get that here anywhere!

  2. Hi Sarah,

    Yes, I sure do remember Little Miss Sunbeam; isn't she a cutie? I thought that those days were long gone! Thanks for sharing this darling bit of blue. You've brought a smile to my face.

    Have a Happy Blue Monday!

  3. Thanks for the memories. My raised during the depression mother always made us eat the crusts and all; no waste at our house! I think we usually ate Wonder Bread "Helps build strong bodies 12 ways." Now that you've gotten me started, I may have to do an entire post over at on old commercials and ads.

  4. Miss Sunbeam was a staple in our house growing up! I even have a Miss Sunbeam doll. Great memories.


    1. Hi, Linda. Found this post while searching the web for Miss Sunbeam Dolls. I, too, had one as a child. I won it in a coloring contest when I was in the 5th grade (about 1964). I don't know what happened to that doll - sure wish I still had it.

  5. I don't. I haven't heard of her. I will have to look at the store next time. Love the vintage graphic they use though. Happy Blue Monday. :)

  6. Great images! I rolled up white bread like that around a hot dog, and then my mother baked it in the oven. Brings back memories!

  7. Ahaha. I'd never heard of the comic books! Too funny.

  8. Loved your Sunbeam post today. I have a craving for bread so do not buy it often. I love wheat best.

  9. I used to love to eat bread balls but I don't remember Little Miss Sunbeam bread. I'm usually good at remembering that kind of stuff. I remember being thrilled by the Helmes Bread Trucks when we moved to southern California. Like ice cream trucks of today they just drove down neighborhood streets with their music playing and you could run outside and buy bread, rolls, donuts! YUM! They stopped in 1969,

  10. I don't think they sell her breads around here. But she sure is a cutie :)

  11. Really cute illustration. Must be regional and not sold in this area.

  12. I DO remember Little Miss Sunbeam!! My cousin Lise looked a lot like her when she was little. And, I'm embarrassed to admit that "store bought" white bread was a treat. We baked huge batches of homemade bread every Saturday. Kneading dough is a great stress reliever.

  13. Hello Sarah,
    I saw your blog on my friend, Diane's blog. I remember this Sunbeam bread and Little Miss Sunbeam? I haven't seen this bread in such a long time. You have such a lovely blog with many interesting things on here. And I see that you like vintage too? Me and my daughters also have a blog, and we would love it if you could visit us and follow. It's so nice to meet new friends. I hope to hear from you and have a sweet day.

    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley


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