Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Lovable Furry Old Grover ~ Remember When

Were your kids -- or you for that matter -- a fan of Sesame Street? We were! We watched it during the 80s -- my kids loved it! (and my little secret was that I loved it too!)

Our own Grover, who still makes me smile

from Wikipedia

Our favorites were Grover and Mr. Snuffleupagus (oh my did we love that furry elephant-looking guy -- but, of course, he was a Snuffleupagus, not a furry elephant! )

From our book, Sesame Street Bedtime Stories

We were fans during the days of Cookie Monster, Bert and Ernie, Oscar, Big Bird and of course, Grover and Mr. Snuffleupagus. (Way before talking Elmo!) A great low-key show for kids, and interesting enough for mom and dad!

My son had a stuffed Grover and now he lives here in my office.... that would be Grover, not my son.... LOL! Grover is up on a high shelf and keeps his eyes on whatever is going on in here -- Etsy stuff mostly, and Noli sleepovers, and Oliver lounging in my computer chair.

My daughter had a Baby Big Bird and a Baby Cookie Monster -- I think they were marketed by Pampers diapers -- in any case they were wearing some kind of diaper. Cute though. She has kept them all these years (she just turned 31), just like I have kept sweet sweet Grover.

We only had two Sesame Street books over the years... Bedtime Stories and Grover's Resting Places. Both are about ready to fall apart!

Grover's Resting Places is especially cute.... he has shapes in his toy box that just fit some part of a kid's body....  Adam (now 34) loved putting his ear or his hands on Grover's spots (his resting places).

He really giggled when Grover found the belly button spot!

And, cleverly, there was a Grover resting place, and Adam could find his own resting place, and then it was time for sleep! Very smart, pro-parent ending! wink wink  ;)

I have listed the Bedtime Stories book in my Etsy shop -- it's well-loved but then what kid cares about condition! It also has wonderful graphics and would be great for many paper crafting projects!

Now, Grover's Resting Places.... I might have to hang onto that one for a while! And Grover himself will continue to look down from his perch and make me smile :)

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Monday, September 8, 2014

The Glitz and Glitter of Cobalt Blue

Whew! Good grief, I did it again! Waaay too much time between posts -- I'll see if I can do better in the future!

Last week I made a treasury for one of the Etsy teams I'm on and I wanted to share it here for Blue Monday -- 'cause it's full of beautiful blues! Cobalt blue is one of my favorite shades of blue -- it's so elegant!

If you'd like to see the actual treasury, and then be able to visit some of these awesome shops, just click on the treasury picture and you'll be whisked away to cobalt heaven! And, of course, you'll see everything much more up close and personal!

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Memory for Mr. Rooster

I haven't gone thrifting in ages, so after running some errands I thought I'd stop by a couple of thrift shops on my way home. And doggone it, you would know, I came back with exactly ONE thing!

But it's a neat thing, and I'm glad I found it.

A collapsible wire egg basket.

My little rooster likes looking at all the eggs.... they remind him of his girlfriend who got dropped at the cash register and lost her head... He was sad at first but enough time has gone by now that he has only sweet memories of his little hen friend.

I like the industrial look of the wire when its feet are up in the air...

and when it's flat as a pancake

I think it would be cute with a plant in it.... hmm, might need to play with that idea!

I believe I have one of those chicken shaped egg baskets, but I don't know where it is. Maybe it's hiding in the shed -- if so I'll probably never find it! Oh well, Mr. Rooster would probably have a chicken heart attack if he saw it!

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Monday, March 31, 2014

Little Miss Sunbeam

I hadn't thought about Little Miss Sunbeam in years. Until hubby brought this loaf of bread home the other day!

and there she was, Little Miss Sunbeam

just like I remembered her from my childhood.

This is from 1954 which was around the time I first remember eating Sunbeam bread. She really hasn't changed much over the years... she's definitely held her age better than I have!

Little Miss Sunbeam illustration, 'Not By Bread Alone'

I remember seeing this, too, probably in magazine ads

She even had her own comic book! Look... she even went to outer space!! Pilot Jim must be the spaceship delivery guy -- check out his uniform! LOL! I don't remember these, but I would have read them if I'd known about them! I remember Lulu and Richie Rich but not Little Miss Sunbeam when it comes to comic books.

Did you ever take white bread, cut off the crust, and roll it up like a ball? And eat it? Hubby couldn't believe I used to do that as a kid! Had to be white bread, wheat wouldn't work as well! It was like eating dough!

But, as a kid, who cares about that?!! It was just fun!

Do you remember Little Miss Sunbeam?

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Mother's Candy Dish

I so love it when I find something at a garage sale or thrift shop that is exactly like something I grew up with.

So it was with this candy dish. It's twin was always on the coffee table... and yes, filled with candies. I don't remember what kind of candy now, but I sure remember the candy dish.

I also remember always having to line up the scallops top and bottom.... I've always been a little OCD!

I love the soft scallops all the way around

and those circles in the bottom

and the sweet finial on top.

It was made by Anchor Hocking in the 50s and is quite heavy

I'm so glad I found it -- the lady at the garage sale seemed reluctant to sell it, even though she had put it out in her garage sale! But after talking with her, and telling her about the one I remembered from my childhood, she must have decided that I would give it a good home! It had belonged to her mother, so I understand why she would want to keep it.... but she did put it out for sale! Who knows!

Anyway, I'm glad to have it.... I'm not sure if there will actually be candies in it (because then I will be too, too tempted to eat them...) and it probably won't be on my coffee table (which is generally filled with yarn and crochet projects), but I will find a good use for it. And the perfect place for it.

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Salt and Peppers on a Trip

OK, I admit it... it's been way too long since I blogged here! I've been focusing on my other blog and have been sorely neglecting this one. I'm sorry, dear little blog, I'll try to do better...

I thought today I would tell you about a little trip these cute salt and peppers took. I found them at an estate sale and listed them in my shop (which I have neglected too -- so many things to list, so little time!)

 Anyway, they recently sold and the shipping address was to a restaurant in Massachusetts. Curious, I did a little detective work and found that they were going to Bronwyn Restaurant which serves German and Central European dishes.

Don't these pretzels look good?

When the buyer messaged me that they had arrived, she told me how much everyone loved them, especially since they were made in Germany! I had to admit to her that I had put on my detective's hat and found the restaurant, and wished I were closer because my hubby LOVES German food!

So if you happen to go to Bronwyn Restaurant in Somerville, Massachusetts, look for my salt and pepper shakers!

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Monday, September 23, 2013

Rock Star

My daughter probably thinks I'm going overboard, but how often do you have a child turning the Big 3-0?

I've been kidding her that now teenagers will think of her as being one of *THEM,* someone who is really OLD...

Rockin' out

Toy Gun
What those teenagers don't know is that she has her own rock band!! That doesn't sound like someone who is *really old* to me!

So, in celebration of her birthday, I made her a treasury on Etsy. She thought it was pretty cool : )

I found music/band related items that suit Stephanie, and made sure to include blue which is September's color, which of course fits right in with Blue Monday!!

'Rock Star' by MagnoliasAttic

Funny Band T-Shirt I'm In A Band T-Shirt Gifts for Dad Screen Printed T-Shirt Tee Shirt Mens Ladies Womens Youth Kids - IceCreamTees
The Lives of John Lennon Book by Albert Goldman and Beatles Postcard - queenofsienna
Vintage Astatic Microphone - Dentwood
Rock and Roll Star Novelty Guitar Soap - ajsweetsoap
Bob Dylan - Greatest Hits Vol. 2 Vinyl Record - 2 LPs - ThisCharmingManCave
10 Large Blue Guitar Beads - TheCraftyBead
Music Art Print. Rockstars Illustration. Guitar Player And Singer Duo Picture. Gift For Music Lovers. Musician Poster. Cute Children's Art - thedreamygiraffe
1940s toy drum - Duck face - Musical note - Vintage childrens drum - wonderdiva
Rockin Drums Ring - MoonFaces
Garage Band 5"x6" Illustration - PenguinAcademy
Rare radio PSA LP 5 minute folk stories by Oscar Brand for Social Security Administration - Nickadizzy
GUITAR PICK EARRINGS - Dark Blue with Guitar Charm and Bead Accents - Rock Star - ZivaKreations
Vintage Child's Tambourine Musical Instrument Toy - wallstantiques
Retro Pillow, Music Pillow, Vinyl Record Player, Turntable, DJ, Disk Jockey, Music Box, Vintage, 80's, Kawaii, Room Decor, 9 x 6" - mymimi
John Denver Greatest Hits Record Album 1973 Vintage Vinyl - RedRiverAntiques
Where Words Fail Music Speaks, Hans Christian Andersen Quote, Sheet Music Art Print - reimaginationprints

You can click on the title and go right to the treasury, or click on the pics and go to that shop.

If you are familiar with Etsy you know about treasuries; if you're not, a treasury is a gathering of shop items that fit a certain theme, or color, or season, or whatever you dream up. It's a great way of showcasing items from fellow Etsyians and/or team members. This particular treasury features members of the Etsy Vintage Team, plus great finds from other Etsy shops.

Now back to the band....

A couple of weeks ago Toy Gun played at a record shop in Dallas that was promoting International Cassette Store Day (there seems to be quite an underground cult following of the old-time cassettes, just as there is for records -- very cool).

Since this was during the day and not in a bar, we went and brought Noli -- 

who got a big kick out of seeing her mama rockin' out!

and got up close and personal with the drums

Baggins (on bass) always seems to be looking skyward....
Stephanie says he just gets in the groove with no distractions

Note that Vern (drums) is wearing a bit of blue!

Good Records in Dallas is a cool place.
They support local talent and even have a stage for performances!
and they sell records as well as CDs.

See that bit of red up there?

It's an old Samsonite hatbox that they use to transport all their gizmos!

Stephanie is all about vintage and recycling!

Thank goodness there was something for Noli to do while we waited for the band to start!
We ate a lot of pretend lunches from this little playhouse!

Do you have any rock stars in your family??

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