Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Lovable Furry Old Grover ~ Remember When

Were your kids -- or you for that matter -- a fan of Sesame Street? We were! We watched it during the 80s -- my kids loved it! (and my little secret was that I loved it too!)

Our own Grover, who still makes me smile

from Wikipedia

Our favorites were Grover and Mr. Snuffleupagus (oh my did we love that furry elephant-looking guy -- but, of course, he was a Snuffleupagus, not a furry elephant! )

From our book, Sesame Street Bedtime Stories

We were fans during the days of Cookie Monster, Bert and Ernie, Oscar, Big Bird and of course, Grover and Mr. Snuffleupagus. (Way before talking Elmo!) A great low-key show for kids, and interesting enough for mom and dad!

My son had a stuffed Grover and now he lives here in my office.... that would be Grover, not my son.... LOL! Grover is up on a high shelf and keeps his eyes on whatever is going on in here -- Etsy stuff mostly, and Noli sleepovers, and Oliver lounging in my computer chair.

My daughter had a Baby Big Bird and a Baby Cookie Monster -- I think they were marketed by Pampers diapers -- in any case they were wearing some kind of diaper. Cute though. She has kept them all these years (she just turned 31), just like I have kept sweet sweet Grover.

We only had two Sesame Street books over the years... Bedtime Stories and Grover's Resting Places. Both are about ready to fall apart!

Grover's Resting Places is especially cute.... he has shapes in his toy box that just fit some part of a kid's body....  Adam (now 34) loved putting his ear or his hands on Grover's spots (his resting places).

He really giggled when Grover found the belly button spot!

And, cleverly, there was a Grover resting place, and Adam could find his own resting place, and then it was time for sleep! Very smart, pro-parent ending! wink wink  ;)

I have listed the Bedtime Stories book in my Etsy shop -- it's well-loved but then what kid cares about condition! It also has wonderful graphics and would be great for many paper crafting projects!

Now, Grover's Resting Places.... I might have to hang onto that one for a while! And Grover himself will continue to look down from his perch and make me smile :)

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  1. I watched Sesame Street both as a child and with my kids. We have Sesame Street specials on VHS and I would always try to get the kids to watch them. I liked the shows more than they did! Thanks for linking up at Vintage Bliss Tuesdays. Jo

  2. The good ol' days of Sesame Street! How I loved that show :)

  3. I loved Sesame Street! My favourite was (still is) Cookie Monster!
    How cool is that ear-resting place :)

  4. I didn't ever watch TV at home, but my grandparents would let me watch Sesame Street. I even and a few books, including one about "Baby Natasha" (she was purple).

  5. I sure do remember Sesame St....all four of my girls grew up with it, starting with my 45 year old who watched it when it debuted!

  6. aaah Sesame Street. The kids liked cookie monster as he ate with his mouth open and splattered crumbs all over the place!!

  7. Oh, how can you talk about Grover without mentioning The Monster at the end of This Book? I loved that one when I was little. My sister had a stuffed Grover like yours...and my daughter had a hard plastic wind up Big Bird that moved its arms back and forth like it was playing peek-a-boo.

  8. Thanks for the visit and nice comment.
    You brought back sweet memories with this post.

  9. Sarah,
    Oh Sesame Street! I used to watch this with my kids all the time. I haven't seen in so many years. Thank you for reminding me of the fun and bringing back sweet memories for me.


  10. Hi Sarah,

    Yes, Grover is a gorgeous shade of blue. Who doesn't like these characters?

    Thanks for making Blue Monday special.

    Have a Beautiful Blue Monday!

  11. That Grover....he has been entertaining us for many years, and still going strong today. What a cute post with all of the photos and Sesame Street Book. Thanks for your visit on this Blue Monday.
    Sue at CollectInTexas Gal

  12. I loved it, my kids loved it and now my grand daughter loves it. Well until she discovered Dora the Explorer :)

  13. Hello Sarah, I loved your post about some of our favorite Sesame street friends. How wonderful that you saved them after all these years. I'm afraid I gave the ones we had to Goodwill a long time ago. My fave was the Cooke Monster and Big Bird. Your post and story is so sweet.
    xo, Jeanne

  14. All characters in Sesame street are cute.
    Even we ever had Jalan Sesama, the Indonesian co-production of Sesame street. You can see interesting new characters here:
    Tantan the orangutan is my favorite.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  15. Blast from the past! Thanks for sharing this week at Revisionary Life Thrifty Life Thursday!

  16. My boys grew up with Sesame Street. We all loved it! Hugs, Diane

  17. Oh yes, beloved Sesame Street! Wasn't it just the best. A staple in our homes. As I was reading some of the other comments, along with your precious post I can see that us Mom's loved it as much or more than our children! A magical time- so glad you held on to some of your goodies, we have a couple of books too.
    Hope you are enjoying your Saturday.

  18. I remember ! that's a loooong time ago !

  19. Hi Sarah!

    Grover was my favorite Sesame Street character when my children were little (remember him saying "Oh Waiter--there is a fly in my soup!" ??) Now that my granddaughter watches the show I see many new characters. I still like Grover but he doesn't get much airplay as Elmo. :)

  20. That was a great show for kids ! and even for adults !

  21. O Golly, Sarah, get them Sesame Guys off Etsy, quick. Our now 5-year-old grand-daughter loves to play with her mom's toys when she comes here.

    Most favorite to her is the Fisher Price "Family Village" and the "Hospital". They have wooden vehicles and wooden people, the village has most every thing (even a handle when folded up) one would expect, a theatre, post office, barber shop, gas station, and an auto repair shop. I missed a couple, each of the two folding sides has three businesses.

    Then when there are no more grandkids (we do have a three-year-old great-granddaughter) then you can sell them. Our daughter will be 41 in July, when the GD will be six. At her place the only Mom's toy is "Doggie Duke," a blue and white cloth dog doll made by a lady at Mrs. Jim's former workplace out of white toed and heeled blue socks. It was Mom's favorite. Google might find you a pattern or directions, he was about 18 inches (or shorter) from tail tip to his head top. The ears would have added length. :)

  22. I saw on the news that Sesame street is getting a makeover for next season after 40+ years on TV


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