Saturday, February 2, 2013

Letters to Santa and the BIG QUESTION ~ A Favorite Thing

I was going through a box of old school stuff of my kids..... 

and came across their letters to Santa back in 1989! 

Adam was in 3rd grade, and Stephanie was in Kindergarten. I'm not sure if they did these in school or if I had a sneaky plan in mind, but if you promise not to tell them..... shhh.... I was Santa!!  I apparently tried to write with flourishes and make my letters nothing like I really wrote them. I can tell it was me, but I think they were fooled!

 I was able to darken them somewhat to be readable
but you might click on the pics to make them larger and easier to read

We always left milk and cookies for Santa (do you think he ever got tired of milk and cookies and just wanted a beer and peanuts instead?!!) Of course, Santa had to eat it all and leave crumbs and traces of milk behind!

I love it that they each drew a picture of Santa -- 

Adam's is so skinny (he always drew skinny people for some reason) 
and notice the RED mustache and NO BEARD!

and Stephanie's is just a big head....
and hmmm, no beard either!

I really cherish these Santa letters because the next year was the year of the

Adam told me he wanted to ask me something ..... and led me into the garage.....

He leaned against the car, me against the washing machine.  I knew this would be a BIG QUESTION.
Big intake of breath. Serious looks.

So, Mom, tell me the truth   (uh-oh)
Is Santa real??

OK, quick thinking here -- but I knew the only thing to do was to come clean. This kid was SERIOUS.
So I launched into the "Santa isn't a real person, but is the spirit of giving" talk. That he's fun for everyone to be excited about.  etc, etc.

Adam seemed to take all this in pretty well -- and agreed that he wouldn't let on to Stephanie.

And then he said.....

So I guess it's the same for the TOOTH FAIRY and the EASTER BUNNY too.....

All gone, in one fell swoop......

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  1. Cute letters and drawings. I've kept my daughter's too. I have the modern convenience of a printer so only disguise my handwriting on the signature. So far she still believes... Wish we all did!

  2. So sweet. We once had a friend write a note back on the kids' letter to Santa. That tricked them! We also left a carrot for the reindeer. Of course, one carrot split up among eight reindeer wouldn't be much, would it?

  3. These are so precious! I'm so glad you still have them.

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


  4. can almost hear the longing in his voice, begging you to tell him that "No, Santa isn't a person, but the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy are real." How quickly the times comes for that Big Question, doesn't it? These are precious memories--good thing you scanned them before they fade altogether!

  5. While we did do the "Santa" things with my daughter, she caught on pretty fast. I always told all the rest of the family that if she asked me, I wasn't going to lie about it. She caught us when the tooth fairy forgot to pay a visit. haha! She and her husband opted not to play Santa, but explained the fun to their girls and told them to keep the secret. LOL - you should see the reactions when they think that adults still believe in Santa! They have replaced the Santa idea of giving with lots of other wonderful ways to give to people in need. The girls enjoy it very much!

  6. I keep all my notes and cards too. I treasure them. My grandmother kept hers and I loved looking at them. She has been in heaven for many years and I kept all she treasured paper. I still love to look at them and remember.
    Smiles. Dottie

  7. Oh! I adore the Santa drawings and letters, so very precious.

    Happy week to you!

  8. That is so sweet! I don't think I've ever written to Santa as a child. I caught on pretty quickly ;-)
    The Santa drawings are adorable. Great that you kept them!

  9. Cute letters and drawings...true keepsakes!
    I had an older brother too, so knew very young about poor Santa.

  10. These letters and memories are so dear, Sarah. How wonderful that you kept them. They are so precious!

  11. What a cute story. So cool to have those letters.
    I came by from your comment on my L. post. I stopped at your etsy shop first. I love the crochet. The first thing I noticed is your in Bedford. We are neighbors! It is nice to meet you!
    Thanks for coming by and luring me over for such a fun post.

  12. My ESOL students get me to play Santa and reply theior kids request.

  13. So sweet! As a second grader, I got in big trouble because I told my best friend's younger sister that Santa wasn't real. Boy did her mom get mad at me. :/ Best wishes, Tammy


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